SimpleActionbar [FREE] 1.1

This is a simple action bar but is still powerful for a server and is good for hubs

  1. Wizzed
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    /actionbar on
    /actionbar off
    /actionbar set [text]
    - actionbar.use
    - Skript
    - Umbuska
    - Skquary
    Code (Text):
        prefix: &bActionbar>>
        offMSG: &cDisabled
        onMSG: &aEnabled
        setMSG: &7You have set the actionbar to %colored arg 2%
        errorMSG: &4Try /actionbar on,off,set [text]
        permMSG: &4Sorry you need permission for this command.
        disabledMSG: &4Sorry actionbar is disabled right know.
        StartReloadMSG: &aReloading....
        FinishReloadMSG: &aDone
        SkriptFileName: SimpleActionbar
        delay: 1 tick
        perm: actionbar.use
        command: actionbar
    More updates to come :D
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