SimpleAlerts v0.2

Auto alerts on an interval

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    • 1.16
    SimpleAlerts is a basic skript to help those who want an auto broadcasting system. Currently supports up to 5 custom alerts! This is my first released skript, so ideas on other ideas is welcomed!

    simplealerts.forcealert - Force broadcasts an alert
    simplealerts.admin - Allows all other SimpleAlerts commands

    Skript 2.5.3 or higher

    /forcealert <number> - Allows you to force alerts on the go!
    /calcdelay <delay> - Shows what your "DisplayInterval" option should be. For those who are bad at math, or are lazy.
    /simplealerts <value> - Main Command. Will display more in later versions

    SimpleAlerts Values:

    /simplealerts help - Shows the main page for all command
    /simplealerts preview - Shows configured alerts without broadcasting
    /simplealerts version - Displays the current SimpleAlerts version that you are running. Helpful for keeping up to date!​

    Code (Text):
    # PREFIX - Shows at the beginning of every broadcast.
        prefix: &f&l<&eSimple&6Alerts&f&l> &f

    # How long should each message be delayed from eachother?

        delay: 5
        delayinterval: 25 #Calculate this by doing DELAY * 5
        delaytype: Minutes #Should be Seconds, Minutes or Hours. Singular should be Second, Minute, Hour
        delaytypemultiple: Minutes #Should always be the multiple of DELAYTYPE EX: Minutes, Seconds, Hours
    # Customize your alerts! All messages will be displayed in this order. Does not currently support multiple lines.

        MSG1: & has not been configured!
        MSG2: & has not been configured!
        MSG3: & has not been configured!
        MSG4: & has not been configured!
        MSG5: & has not been configured!

    # Do not change this!
        Version: v0.1

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