SimpleAliases 1.0

Simple way to make aliases for your commands!

  1. Triston
    Made for

    Permissions: No permissions for users just the permissions of the command itself

    Commands: Set in config for your own configurational needs

    Features: It's just a command alias maker m9

    Code (Text):
      cmd: survival-warp survival
      cmd: minigames-warp minigames
    for the config just put the next number and cmd: and make it alias-command

    Not much more, shouldn't bug, if it does just pm me here and if you want more added i guess pm me here and I'll do it

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Recent Reviews

  1. OliverCraft
    Version: 1.0
    Good job on fulfilling this plugin request! Should be a default option for server setups. Glad someone competent was able to pull this off. Thank you again. 10/10
    1. Triston
      Author's Response
      No problem thanks for the review, it's not too hard idk why most plugin devs struggle with it or don't know how to do it in this simple format.