SimpleAntiAutoClicker 1.1

Stop players from left/right click macroing on your server!

  1. Darkbro100
    Tracks and logs all player's clicks per second(left and right click), highest clicks per second and average clicks per second!

    • Drag & Drop
    • Restart
    • Configure Plugin
    • Restart
    • #profit
    /cps - View your own clicks per second (shows all logged statistics)
    /cps <name> - View other player's clicks per second (shows all logged statistics)

    antimacro.view - View your own CPS
    antimacro.view.others - View others' CPS
    antimacro.receivenotifications - Receive notifications when player reaches over [x] CPS
    antimacro.bypass - Doesn't message staff when you go over [x] CPS

    rightClicksWarning: 5 (How many right clicks per second before it alerts staff)
    leftClicksWarning: 5 (How many left clicks per second before it alerts staff)

    Make it auto ban players after reaching [x] amount of flags?
    Add other anti-hacks such as Blink, FF, etc.
    Custom messages?

    More support = more features. :)

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  1. Flags & AutoBan

Recent Reviews

  1. Flox
    Version: 1.1
    It won't show me alerts when is someone clicking like if I put 1 in configuration about this right and left click again it wont' show me information like I have 1 CPS or something like that. And also average cps is not really good idea, because sometimes you will be clicking for no reason and you will have like 1-2 or 3-4 cps and it will count in average cps so it's useless.