SimpleAPI 3.8

[1.8.8 -> 1.12] Little api to do awesome tasks E.G. NameHistory

  1. brainsynder
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    Source Code:

    What is SimpleAPI?

    SimpleAPI is a small api that will handle a lot of the NMS and other tasks that my plugins will need.

    It's an API, but will owners be able to do anything?
    Yes, there are commands that allow owners to use most of the plugins tasks. I have also added a LightLevelDetector item, which is craftable and permission(Perm: "SimpleAPI.lightdetector.use") based to use (Put a Torch and a Stick in a crafting menu.[It gets the light level of the top of the block and tells you information about what can and cannot happen]).

    I don't want the other stuff, I just want the API:
    - Well if you prefer you can disable the other stuff by going in the Language.yml and changing "API-Only" to true. Now if you are asking why its not disabled by default, well here is why. They are enabled by default to 1: Show off the cool features 2: For You to use as Utilities

    Q. My server Lags when I startup my server how can I fix?
    A. Turn off the Non-API features that will remove some Tasks from the startup, You can also try disabling the BStats Plugin Metrics in the bstats folder.

    Q. Why do a lot of your plugins require this?
    A. Alot of my plugins require this mostly due to the classes they share, including the Plugin Update Alerter (they all share it so its not Spammy in your chat when you log in and see a bunch of messages :p), This is also to keep it all similar and keep the code always updated without having to update the other plugins a whole lot (So all I have to do is update code on one plugin and not 7 or so other plugins that have different structures)

    Q. The plugin breaks when I reload my server (With "/reload" or "/plugman reload")
    A. You should never use those to reload plugins, They always break and if you are using /reload there is even a warning that has been there for a long time saying it MIGHT break plugins, a lot of plugins break when you reload them because they have to load a certain way, Like SimpleAPI has to load before SimplePets and all the other plugins configured inside the Plugin.yml

    Q. Why does this API do so much, isn't an API just suppose to have classes for Plugins to use?
    A. I made this plugin an API because my plugins are using it, and I made it available for everyone to use. This "API" does more than an API should, Yes that I agree on, but it has all this stuff to be beneficial to you or your servers, If you would like you can open the "Language.yml" file and make "API-Only" to true Then Restart your server.

    Please don't post a bad review if you don't like the extra features, they CAN be disabled they are only optional -.-

    What is in the API?
    Well here is a link to the JavaDocs of what the plugin has.

    Commands (So far):

    Code (Text):
    /action <player> <message> --- This command allows players with the "SimpleAPI.command.action" permission to send a message above players hotbar (Hover over the usage in-game to see more data).

    /tab <player> <header> [footer] --- This command allows players with the "" permission to set the header and or footer message in tab (Hover over the usage in-game to see more data).

    /titlemaker <player> <title> [subtitle--- This command allows players with the "SimpleAPI.command.title" permission to send a title message without the finicky JSON text format (Hover over the usage in-game to see more data).

    /particlemaker <particlename> <amount> [offset,offsetY,offsetZ] --- Used to send particles at your location [Permision: "SimpleAPI.command.particle"] (Hover over the usage in-game to see more data).

    /history <username> --- Searches for the past/current username(s) of the selected player [Permission: "SimpleAPI.command.history"]

    What plugins use this API?:

    Maven repo:
    Coming soon.

    What are some of the API features?(See the JavaDocs to see all the features)
    Developers can use the "ITellraw, IActionMessage, IClearGoals, IGlow, IPathfinderGoal, ITitleMessage, ITileEntitySkull, ITabMessage, IParticlePacket, IAnvilGui, SpigotPluginHandler (Update notifier & Metrics), Reflection (Also used to get the Classes before the SpigotPluginHandler), ParticleAPI, PageMaker<T>, AdvMap (Better HashMap/Map class), Lore (Just a simple version of a List<T>), CompassMaker, LeatherArmorMaker (Used to make colored leather armor with ease), ItemMaker (Used to make Items with ease), SkullMaker (Used to make skulls with ease [Player name skulls or minecraft skin urls])", and MORE!!!!

    Note: If your server version is not supported, then some features will not work (some of them have fallback support [e.g: ITellraw,IActionMessage, and ITitleMessage -> will send as a ChatMessages])

    More features will be added/changed as the plugin grows ( Note: that any updates I do to my plugins will use this API because it makes the code look nicer ;) )

Recent Reviews

  1. Hello1231
    Version: 3.7
    The website is "very risky" according to mcafee.
    pls fix
  2. Doobadoowop
    Version: 3.7
    This plugin is fantastic, apart from when I use '/itemrename' it shows a GUI for half a second (I can't make out anything) and then it closes. Please tell me why this is happening!
    1. brainsynder
      Author's Response
      That is due to an issue i am fixing in the new version (re-coding/cleaning most of the plugin)
  3. Johndereasdawd
    Version: 3.6
    Excellent resource, allows all the simple plugins to run properly, the latest version is meh.... but the version right before that one works like a charm 10/10 very well done. I appreciate the Eula Friendly Plugins Ty so very much author.
  4. China_kanni
    Version: 3.5
    A very cool plugin i considered,and i like your simplemobs very much too
    5 stars!
    very cool
  5. JCL
    Version: 3.3
    I want to use your plugins because they look awesome! problem is i placed simpleAPI and simplePETS .jar in my server plugin folder but they do not install when i restart my server, what am i doing wrong?
    1. brainsynder
      Author's Response
      Could you please create an issue report about this, or PrivateMessage me your problem.
  6. Bobcatsss
    Version: 3.0.5
    Awesome API I've been using it for a while now with SimplePets and have also used it in a lot of my plugins, Never had any problems with it (other than my own mistakes) lol I'm not sure what the person below is on about I've never seen this so called "massive lag" caused by SimpleAPI or SimplePets
    1. brainsynder
      Author's Response
      Thanks for pointing it out to everyone that it does not lag, and Thanks for the review
  7. Christophe6
    Version: 3.0.5
    Very poor plugin! If you don't want massive lag on your server, consider using another plugin. It takes 2 minutes to start the API and 2 more minutes to start SimplePets, overall my server crashes all the time I want to reload because of the massive lag! I do not recommend SimpleAPI and SimplePets.
    1. brainsynder
      Author's Response
      You should not be reloading the server with /reload or Plugman Those Tend to break alot of plugins and WILL cause it to lag. I have ran some Tests and it is not as Laggy as you think. I even tested it on a server with 50 plugins and it only took not even 1 second to load the plugins (7 of my plugins that use SimpleAPI)

      But anyway Thanks for your opinion
  8. Thatsmusic99
    Version: 2.8
    Works absolutely fine on two servers I go on - no issues, no lag, and able to run all the plugins we want on the server. Keep it up!
  9. Niestrat99
    Version: 2.8
    This plugin is awesome! 5 stars! This plugin really helps as it got told and it's not lagging for me either!
  10. Confettimaker
    Version: 2.8
    This is absolutely amazing! It runs very well, is very customizable, and is easy to use! Haven't run into any problems as of yet!