SimpleArmorStandEdit 0.6

(*New* Player Trust system) Modify ArmorStands with ease, PlotSquared & AntiSwear support.

  1. brainsynder
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11

    Well, SimpleArmorStandEdit is a easy to use plugin that allows players to modify ArmorStands without having to use commands. This plugin also allows a certain number of stands to be placed (Off by default)


    • Logs the UUID of the player that places the Stand
    • ArmorStand place limit (Default = off)
    • Modify ArmorStands (Arms, BasePlate, etc)
    • Light weight
    • 95% Customizable
    • Easy to use
    • Naming the ArmorStand allows ColorCodes ('&' codes)
    • PlotSquared(Creative Plots plugin) support
    • AntiSwear(My AntiSwear plugin) support (For the names)
    • Fully poseable ArmorStand
    • Player Trust System (For trusting players to modify ArmorStands)


    Code (Text):
    SimpleArmorStandEdit.modify ─── Permission to modify ArmorStands
    SimpleArmorStandEdit.modify.others ─── Permission to modify other players ArmorStands
    SimpleArmorStandEdit.overrideLimit ─── Permission to override the ArmorStand limit (When enabled)
    SimpleArmorStandEdit.remove.others ─── Permission to remove other players ArmorStands
    More details at:


    Code (Text):
    /sase count [player] -- Shows the number of ArmorStands a player has
    /sase wand -- Gives the movement wand that moves the ArmorStand around.

    This plugin (Like all my other ones) Requires my SimpleAPI plugin.


    Some stuff you can do with the plugin (CSkulls was also used in these images)
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]


    Simple really, To edit the armorstand shift and rightclick the armorstand (Must be placed when the plugin is loaded), is the player is not the owner (Person that placed it) or has the permission to modify it (bypass) then they will not be able to modify it.


    Code (Text):
    NeedsModPermissions: false
      Enabled: true
      Number: 5
      Override: true
      Enabled: true
      Change-Items-and-armor-On-Other-Stands-If-Not-Owner: false
      Enabled: false
      CheckNames: true
      Enabled: false
      Prevent-Stands-Placing: true
      Size: 27
      Toggle: '&eS.A.S.E. &6>>&7 {StandValue} has been toggled to &e{value}&7.'
      Name-Changed: '&eS.A.S.E. &6>>&7 ArmorStands name has been changed to: {name}'
      No-Permission: '&cNo Permission'
      SelfCount: '&cYou &7have &c{count}{IfLimit:/[maxCount]} &7ArmorStand(s)'
      CountOther: '&c{player} &7has &c{count}{IfLimit:/[maxCount]} &7ArmorStand(s)'
      NoPlayerStands: '&c{player} is not online, or has not placed any ArmorStands yet.'


    • Make it so the WHOLE ArmorStand is customizable
    • Rotation of limbs
    • Trust list (people who can edit/remove the stand)
    • More plot plugin support
    • WorldGuard Support
    • Animations Support
    • What do u guys want to see?
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    Version: 0.6
    I want to reprint your plugin to the MC website in China
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