SimpleAutoBroadcaster 1.3.1

A simple, customizable, and easy to use, autobroadcaster

  1. rasm945i
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    I know theres a lot of autobroadcaster plugins out there, but me and my friends havent been able to find one that works exactly as we want it to, theres always something wrong. So, i made this, and we were happy with it. I hope some of you will appreciate it as well :p

    Configurable Options:
    • Interval between messages
    • Prefix for all messages
    • Whether or not to broadcast messages in console
    • Whether or not it should require a permission to receive broadcasts
    • Whether or not placeholders and playergoal should be enabled
    • Error messages are fully customizable
    Features i like:
    • Add and delete messages with a simple ingame command
    • Change interval with ingame command
    • Reload settings and messages ingame, without reloading entire server
    • Descriptive help message ingame
    • Supports colorcodes
    • Lightweight and customizable
    • Placeholders to display unique messages (must be enabled)
    • Add and delete messages ingame without reloading anything!
    • /sab interval [seconds] -Set the interval in seconds between each broadcast.
    • /sab prefix [prefix] -Set the prefix you would like for all messages.
    • /sab requirepermission [true/false] -Set whether or not it should require a permission to receive broadcasts.
    • /sab list -Lists all messages and their ID
    • /sab delete [ID] -Deletes the message which have the given ID
    • /sab add [message] -Add a message that should get broadcasted
    • /sab console [true/false] -Whether or not to output messages to the console.
    • /sab reload -Reloads options and messages. Use this after you have used any of the above commands to apply them.
    • /sab commands -Gives you an informative list of commands, just like this section.

    • simpleautobroadcaster.admin -Allows access to the /sab command, which is used to configure the plugin. By default OP has this permission.
    • simpleautobroadcaster.receive -Allows user to receive broadcasts, if "requirePermission". Nobody has this by default.
    You must enable placeholders in placeholders.yml before you can use them. When doing that, you also enable playergoal. If you dont want playergoal enabled, i recommend setting the values of playergoal and playersneeded to an unreachable player count, but below 2.1 million :p

    There are two kinds of placeholders. Global placeholders, which are the same for all players, and individual placeholders, which may vary from player to player.
    Gloal placeholders available:
    • %playergoal% -Displays the playergoal, retrieved from placeholders.yml.
    • %playersneeded% -If playergoal is 50, and 42 players are online, this will display 8.
    Individual placeholders available:
    • %world% -The name of the world the player is in.
    • %bordercenterx% -The WorldBorders center X in the world the player is in.
    • %bordercenterz% -The WorldBorders center Z in the world the player is in.
    • %player% -The players name
    If you can think of more placeholders i should add, please PM me and ill see what i can do.
    If you have any questions or feature requests, let me know, and ill see what i can do ;)

    Please leave a review and let me know what you think.

    SimpleAutoBroadcaster demo.png

    Placeholder example:
    Placeholder demo.png

Recent Updates

  1. Minor bug fix
  2. Improvements and new commands
  3. Introducing Placeholders

Recent Reviews

  1. Hexanite
    Version: 1.3.1
    Extremely easy to use, simple, clear, in your face. It doesn't require complicated JSON, just easy to use, plain text. Keep up the amazing work!
    1. rasm945i
      Author's Response
      Thanks alot for your review. I still have features planned, so updates will come ;)
  2. ShadowedDreamer
    Version: 1.2
    This has been a pretty great plugin compared to any previous auto announcer i have used in the past! Usually they either are a pain because JSON is needed and it never saves right.. or it doesn't have proper features to do what it should be doing ingame but this plugin really fixed both issues! 4/5 because there's always room for improvement but otherwise 5/5!
    1. rasm945i
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review.
      If you have any improvements in mind, im happy to listen to them.
      I already have more features planned, they should be added some time this week :)
  3. Z0mb33
    Version: 1.2
    Thank you for this plugin.
    it has some unique functions i haven't seen on other plugin ^^
    1. rasm945i
      Author's Response
      Thanks alot for the review :)
      Im also trying to make it unique, since there are so many autobroadcasters out there. If you have any suggestions or ideas, just let me know :P