SimpleBan | Version 1.2 2016-01-06

It's an easy ban manager plugin!

  1. altrisi
    Version: 2016-01-06
    The plugin work, but the /kick command isn't working. It say "Yo don't have permission". Is it a bug?
  2. CookieIsland
    Version: 2016-01-06
    Hey really good plugin!
    But i have found 2 little bugs. The first one is when you permanently ban a player then there stands by Banned: false and by the Reason Permanently banned instead of the Reason i typed.
    And i have a idea for the plugin you can add a kick function.
    - Cookie
    1. XmaxX_1
      Author's Response
      First i have fixed this but it wasn't a bug. :D With banned for: i mean how long did the player get banned and the reason why he got banned stands over it like Reason:. And now there stands Tempbanned instead of banned and banned instead of permbanned! Thank you for your Review! :) And i have added the /kick command