SimpleBanManager 3.0

Simple ban plugin with GUI!

  1. Luukth
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    JasperJH, JeroenHero, Maximvdw
    Plugin Information:
    This plugin is a very simple kick ban and ip-ban plugin. You can open the GUI with the command: /sbm .
    Player's with OP or the permission sbm.admin will not be displayed in the GUI. It will load a list of the online players at that moment. You can click on the skull to perform the actions.
    • Kick the player
    • Ban the player
    • Ip-Ban the player
    • Mute the player
    • Warn the player
    • Get the ip location
    • Tp to the player
    When you have kicked banned or Ip-Banned a player it will broadcast that in the chat.

    • More then 80 players.
    • Reason for an action (kick/ban/ipban).
    • Warn players
    • Mute players
    • GUI with banned players and actions to unban them.
    • -Auto update GUI
    • -Unban players
    Commands and permissions:
    Command /sbm permission - sbm.admin
    Command /sbm unban permission - sbm.admin
    Command /sbm unbanip permission - sbm.admin
    Command /sbm unbangui Permission - sbm.admin
    Command /sbm reload permission - sbm.admin
    Command /sbm options Permission - sbm.admin

    - sbm.admin

    • You can open the GUI to perform actions on players.
    • You can reload the config.
    • You can open the unbangui
    • You can open the optionsgui
    - sbm.exclude \\ The player with this permission will not be shown in the GUI (Usefull for moderators and admins).
    - sbm.kick \\ kick a player from the server with the GUI.
    - sbm.ban \\ ban a player from the server with the GUI.
    - sbm.ipban \\ ip-ban a player from the server with the GUI.

    You can enable or disable broadcastmessages from this plugin.
    You can change the message of the kick, ban or ipban messages.

    The plugin will replace %clicker% with the person who kicked the player.
    %victim% will be replaced with the player that has been kicked.
    Code (Text):
    BroadCastMessages: true
    KickMessage: '%clicker% kicked %victim%'
    BanMessage: '%clicker% banned %victim%'
    Ip-BanMessage: '%clicker% ip-banned %victim%'
    Mute-Message: '%clicker% has muted %victim% !'
    Code (Text):
    Kick-Enabled: true
    Ban-Enabled: true
    Ip-Ban-Enabled: true
    You can set this to true or false. You can also change this ingame with the command /sbm options. It will open up a GUI where you can change eveything.

    Code (Text):
    Warn-Message: '&4 Warned by: %staff% !'
    Warn-Time: '40'
    Warn message will be the subtitle of the warning message. The full title will contain the warning message for the warned player. Warn time is the time the warning will be shown to the victim.

    Gui and Text:


    A donation keeps me going to make more awesome plugins, and keep the current plugins going.

    Plugin wil only work with less then / or 80 players online.
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Recent Updates

  1. Added 1.9 support!!
  2. minor update
  3. Added Warning and mute

Recent Reviews

  1. tstijmen
    Version: 3.0
    I like this !!!!
    Pls add:
    Prefix: '&6[SimpleBanManager]'
    And like a anvil with reason ! xD
  2. Mega_Blaze
    Version: 3.0
    When will this update to 1.11.2 and does it have the uuid thing work
    Thanks it is great.
  3. denizawesome1
    Version: 3.0
    Love the plugin, no need to set it up, very easy to use, props to the author for making a sick ban plugin!
    1. Luukth
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review
  4. MoritzoGurke
    Version: 3.0
    Very Cool!!

    Please add a Reason :)
    1. Luukth
      Author's Response
      4 stars, is there anything I can improve?
  5. Javier5Alvarez
    Version: 2.4.1
    Nice plugin but you need a unban command! :)
    1. Luukth
      Author's Response
      There is an unban command. /sbm unbangui or you can use /sbm unbanip and /sbm unban
  6. AbsintoJ
    Version: 2.4
  7. cartose777
    Version: 2.3.2
    Amazing and very simple! Keep the great work up!
    1. Luukth
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review. I am just starting with coding so I want to make really cool and simple plugins.
  8. ItsDesox
    Version: 2.3.2
    nice gui feature like it!
    1. Luukth
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the nice review
  9. MrReacher
    Version: 2.3.1
    Can you make a warn or mute system too?
    1. Luukth
      Author's Response
      Yes that is possible I will look into that today. Thanks for the tip.
  10. therainbowcatz
    Version: 2.3
    Wow! This mod is great! Could it be possible though to set a number of lines, and have a Page 2, Page 3, etc, if needed?
    1. Luukth
      Author's Response
      Thnx for the review, What do you mean by "Could it be possible to set a number of lines". And I am planning on making extra pages to allow more then 80 players.