SimpleBroadcast 1.0

Very simple and lightweight broadcasting plugin with customizable prefix.

  1. Azergagash
    I was bored so I decided to make this quick and simple broadcasting plugin. Configurable message prefix, and you can use the normal color codes in the prefix and the message.
    This took about 20 mins to make, and I did minimal testing, so if there are any bugs or I missed anything, lemme know.

    /simplebcast config <configValue> <value> ---- Change a config value from in-game. Only configValue at the moment is 'prefix'.

    /simplebcast reload ---- Reloads the config (if you choose to manually modify it).

    /bcast <message> ---- Broadcasts your message!

    bcast.use ---- Allows usage of /bcast and /broadcast.

    bcast.config ---- Allows access to '/simplebcast config' and '/simplebcast reload'

Recent Reviews

  1. WBA_Networks
    Version: 1.0
    Simple and good like thic comment ^^