SimpleBroadcast 1.5

Lets you put configurable message to broadcast

  1. EndureBlackouT
    This plugin lets you create configurable message to be broadcast to the whole server.

    • /sb
    • /sbreload
    • sb.reload

    Please post any bugs or suggestions below!

Recent Updates

  1. Fixed reload command

Recent Reviews

  1. RetaliationMC
    Version: 1.5
    Wow the owner fixed it up good, great technical support. Good plugin overall, i'm actually running it now aha. My old review i was stupid and gave only a 2, it should be a 5/5 :( sorry.
  2. RetaliationMC
    Version: 1.0
    I love the whole concept of the plugin. Great idea. But whenever i change the configuration it does not change. I tried either reloading the server or completely shutting the server down and starting it again. I'm running spigot 1.7 , that supports 1.8 clients. Please Help >>> Screenshot <--- of modified config <--- Ingame of it spamming the default msgs.
    PLEASE FIX ASAP! i'll give a 4-5 star review if fixed!
    1. EndureBlackouT
      Author's Response
      Hopefully fixed your issue in the new update download and try it out!