SimpleCensor 6.0

A censoring plugin to provide clean chat

  1. libraryaddict
    I no longer support this plugin.

    SimpleCensor is a plugin which simply replaces words with your words.

    Highly recommended! Change your config! As a result of all this I've included some options most of you may not want. Such as references to girls being all but removed! Capitals are enforced on all messages as the percentage required has been set to 0!

    Having trouble with people complaining about non-existing lag?
    You want to prevent people saying the N-word ?

    This plugin is what you need!

    What makes this anti-censor better than others?

    Well, instead of a big config for your options you have to only set the bad words.
    Instead of replacing the words with * you can replace it with your own words.

    The censoring not playing nice and is censoring words such as 'grass' because it has 'ass' in it?
    Add the words to exceptions!

    You can also manage caps, Don't like how these people just talk with their caps all over the show? Thats fine, I'll fix it for you!

    You can also censor commands, Such as /msg, People will no longer be pm'ing offensive things to each other..
    Completely configurable.


    To bypass the chat censor you need the permission SimpleCensor.Bypass
    To enable/disable/reload chat censor without being a op you need SimpleCensor.Enable


    If you want to disable it or enable it. Use /censor <enable/disable>
    If you want to reload the configuration use /censor reload
    (You must either be a op or have the permission SimpleCensor.Enable)

    If I do add to this plugin, I plan to keep it simple.
    Its a drag and drop into the server, Then if you wish to change the preset words.
    You just delve into the config.


    If you wish to add colors just use & then a color code.
    Color codes are below


    If you getting errors in your config after adding colors.
    Surround the string in single quotes like so
    You can also use this trick to get spaces into your censored word list!

    New! Display a non-censored version to the verbal abuser!

    This is enabled by default. This helps cutdown on players trying to bypass the censor such as la.g.
    When a player says something offensive and its censored. He will see the message as if it wasn't censored. While everyone else see him talking like a fool.
    'HAHAHHAA I love sucking lollipops losers!!'
    You can disable this if you are having problems.
    Just go into config.
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  1. Tormanator
    Version: 6.0
    Awesome app. Works with no issues on 1.8.8 so far. No donate link? Would like to send something for your time and effort.
  2. Devyn02
    Version: 6.0
    I love this plugin and use it on all of my servers. It's so funny how someone would say something inappropriate and then it changes to the opposite of what they intended xD THE IRONY!
  3. Halflove
    Version: 6.0
    The perfect censor plugin! Great work!