SimpleChat 1.2

A basic chat plugin for newer servers.

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    Configure your chat to look the way you want it.
    SimpleChat provides hassle free chat formatting.


    Current plugins supported:
    • PermissionsEx, GroupManager, any permissions plugin w/ prefixes.​
    • Vault

    • %player_name% - Player name.
    • %player_display_name% - Player display name, may be glitchy if you use certain features of Vault and Essentials.
    • %vault_group_prefix% - Group prefix, set by permissions plugin.
    • %vault_group_suffix% - Group suffix, set by permissions plugin.
    • %vault_player_prefix% - Player prefix, set by permissions plugin.
    • %vault_player_suffix% - Player suffix, set by permissions plugin.
    • %message% - Message that is being sent.

    Upcoming Features:
    • Chat layout configuration​
    • Different layouts for people with different permissions​
    • An unlimited amount of new placeholders!​
    • Please feel free to submit plugins you want me to add placeholders for.​

    Currently in alpha stages. Please help me out by commenting ALL the features you would like to see added! I want to make this plugin free for all servers to use. Right now it requires Vault, and uses a chat layout defined in the config. This uses placeholders which have been received from the permissions plugin being used. Features will be added all the time, but this plugin will be fantastic for those servers which are just starting up, and need a easy chat system to work with.

    Please don't hate on this resource. It is not finished, nor will it ever be. I will continue to try to make it better, add more features, more customization, and make it into the sort of plugin that any type of server could like to use. I hope you enjoy this, please leave comments onto new features you would like adding!

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    Version: 1.2
    I love you
    You solved my problem. Very Good Jobb

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    Version: 1.0
    Awesome! I love your hacks :)