SimpleChatGroups 0.1

Add groups to your chat by simply giving certain permissions to 'Permissions'-groups.

  1. bananasnacker
    SimpleChatGroups gives you the opportunity to modify your chat simply by adding permissions to your 'Permissions'-Groups.
    You will need a 'Permissions'-Plugin like PermissionsEX or
    Essentials Groupmanager for this plugin to work.
    I created this plugin for servers that simply want to use a plugin to display their different groups with colours in the ServerChat.
    This plugin is easy to set up, but you should avoid using Superperms like
    ( -'*' ).
    At the moment you can seperate into four chatgroups.
    To add a group to a ChatGroup you need to use one of the four permissions provided by this plugin:

    - chatgroup.g1
    - chatgroup.g2
    - chatgroup.g3
    - chatgroup.g4

    It doesnt matter for which group these permissions are used.
    You can edit the names as well as the colors of the ChatGroups in the config.yml.