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  1. Hamburger123598


    SimpleChatManager is a chat managing plugin that uses channels to chat. In a channel chat system, each channel has its own unique properties that you can edit in the config (or in game). Though everyone hears the default channel, other ones can be made so that only other players in the it can see the messages sent in that channel.

    /ch create <channel> - Create a new channel with the name <channel>
    /ch delete <channel> - Delete channel named <channel>
    /ch help - List commands
    /ch join <channel> - Join the channel named <channel>
    /ch set <channel> chat-color <value> - Set channel's chat color to <value>
    /ch set <channel> has-permission <true/false> - Enable or disable having to have permission to join the channel <channel>
    /ch set <channel> nick-name <value> - Sets the channel's nick name
    /ch set <channel> prefix-color <value> - Set the channel's prefix color

    Message Formatting
    Messages can be formatted in the config.yml. Here's the default format:
    Code (Text):
    %prefixColor%%nickName%&r %displayName%&r> %chatColor%%message%.
    The format is a series of variables, colors, and characters that tells the plugin how to send a message. Variables (the objects in percent signs) are replaced by values wen processed by the plugin. Here's a list of variables and their values:
    Code (Text):
    %channelName% - Name of the channel that the player is in
    %chatColor% - Channel chat color
    %displayName% - Player's display name
    %name% - Player's name
    %message% - Message sent by player
    %nickName% - Channel nick name
    %prefixColor% - Channel prefix color

    SimpleChatManager is a highly configurable plugin. We've decided that supplying you with the following default configuration file and explaining it is the best way to show you how it works : )
    Code (Text):
    message-format: '%prefixColor%%nickName%&r %displayName%&r> %chatColor%%message%' #Format of sent messages, see Message Formatting
    default-channel: global #The default channel that all players will see and chat in by default
    channels: #List of channels
      global: #A channel, which happens to be the default channel
        nick-name: G #The channel's nick name
        prefix-color: '&a' #Channel prefix color
        chat-color: '&f' #Channel chat color
        has-permission: false #States if players need permission to join the channel. In this case, they don't

    Permission Nodes
    simplechat.admin - Gives all permissions<channel> - Gives permission to join a specific channel - Gives permission to join all channels - Gives permission to delete channels - Gives permission to use bold chat - Gives permission to use colored chat - Gives permission to use italicized chat - Gives permission to use magic (moving) chat - Gives permission to use chat with a strike through it - Gives permission to use underlined chat
    simplechat.setall - Gives permission to set all channel properties
    simplechat.set.chatcolor- Gives permission to use /ch set <channel> chat-color <value>
    simplechat.set.haspermission - Gives permission to use /ch set <channel> has-permission <true/false>
    simplechat.set.nickname - Gives permission to use /ch set <channel> nick-name <value>
    simplechat.set.prefixcolor - Gives permission to use /ch set <channel> prefix-color <value>

    If you download the file you agree to:

    - You may NOT modify the code, or sell the code.
    - These terms are subject to change.
    - Post any bugs in the discussion, or PM me

Recent Reviews

  1. azamp19
    Version: 2015-10-15
    I think this is a great plugin but I was wondering can you set it up so that it has it so you have to be a certain distance to hear them or in a certain rank.
    1. Hamburger123598
      Author's Response
      I'll definitely add that option in the near future :)