SimpleCommands 1.4

Easily create simple commands for BungeeCord

  1. vemacs
    Want to have a consistent /help and /motd for your network? Don't feel like deploying those new rules to every single backend? Need an easy way to stop those players from asking how to get back to the hub? Never fear, SimpleCommands is here! Easily create simple commands and aliases, and blacklist them on specific servers.

    Be sure to review the default configurations for some simple and complicated example commands. For example, the default configuration "disables" /me, /tp, and /tpa by default.
    BungeeCord doesn't pass these commands to your backends, so the defined commands are essentially overridden. Use the blacklist if you wish to disable them on specific servers.
    Standard YAML format applies. If you're getting any errors, run your configs thru a validator first before reporting it in "discussion". If you've used CommandFo by @hcherndon, this is just a *bit* similar, but with extra goodies like built-in aliasing, variables, and a blacklist, as well as being a bit more "modern". While it was written over a period of several hours due to me being AFK, it was actually written in approximately 30 minutes of real time. Gotta go fast.

    • Easily define simple commands which output something to the player with tidbits.yml. Use variables such as {PLAYER}, {NUM}, {SERVER}, {SERVLIST}, and {SERVNUM} for dynamic output. Standard Minecraft chat colors are supported. The configs are in standard YAML syntax.
    • Create simple commands that teleport the player to a server with teleports.yml.
    • Simple aliasing with all tidbits and teleports. Just put your aliases in a list delimited by "|"s. For example, use help|? as a key for a command, and they'll both output the same value to the player.
    • Disable tidbits and/or teleports on specific servers using blacklist.yml.
    • Reload the configuration (e.g. add commands without restarting) with /sc reload, if you have the permission simplecommands.reload.
    • Optional and automatic integration with RedisBungee for the {NUM}, {SERVLIST}, and {SERVNUM} variables if you're running a multi-Bungee setup.
    • No required dependencies. Just plug and play.
    See the default configs in the plugin's resource directory. For multiple lines in tidbits, you can use the format in the default configs, or manually use "\n" in the value.

    You can find it on GitHub:
    Be sure to install RedisBungee to your local Maven repo with mvn clean install before compiling. Compile with mvn clean package. If you're using an IDE, install the Lombok plugin for it.

Recent Reviews

  1. AeSix
    Version: 1.4
    What it does, it does well! Still working in the age of 1.14 Minecraft.

    What it does NOT do:
    - no command aliasing
    - advanced scripting (it's NOT a CommandHelper for Bungee)
    - no json support

    What it does REALLY WELL:
    Lets me create custom commands which output formatted text blobs to the player issuing the command. I created a /colors (and /colours) command which displays an awkwardly formatted (I am pushing the limits of SC's output, honestly) table of Minecraft's colors and formatting codes. I also have it displaying various help commands, such as /rules and /help

    This is the output of my /colours command in the tidbits file:

    As you can see in the image, multiple space characters are compacted down to a single space, and so a filler character needs to be use. Also, this specific example needs a bit of work due to Minecraft text changes in 1.13. (Fixing the right border would probably take me less than an hour to fix, but widths don't line up correctly anyways)

    I also have my servers aliased to various shorter commands. This allows my staff and players to type shorted commands to access the specific servers. Instead of "/server survival", they can just type "/survival" or "/sx" (sx being a 2-letter code for Survival)

    I have never used the blacklist file, and do not know how (or if) still functions.

    I highly suggest this plugin for anyone who needs a plugin to do what this one does. If you need more though, you still may want to use SimpleCommands for, well, simple commands.

    I would totally give vemacs $5 for a version of SC which supports command aliasing (issuing "/muteall" to then run "/somechat mute @a general"); json parsing with hover (So I can write a tidbit which displays simple formatted text in chat, but shows a nice description when hovering); and possibly command-forwarding as part of command aliases (where '/muteall' would be sent to the backend server to execute /that/ chatplugin's mute commands)

    That however may be asking too much from a plugin which has an aim to be SIMPLE.

    But give it a try. It'll be worth every minute you spend configuring it.
  2. NmExHunTeRz
    Version: 1.4
    Great plugin, vital for any bungee server out there!
  3. PhilipsNostrum
    Version: 1.4
    Simple and extremely useful. Great job
  4. tracker7767
    Version: 1.4
    Is there a way you can add group commands and custom permissions
  5. cindy_k
    Version: 1.4
    Perfect! :)
  6. VizionStudiosMc
    Version: 1.4
  7. EmpowerGaming
    Version: 1.4
    The best command plugin for Bungeecord, helped me re-alias a lot of stuff for my server. Hope it stays up to date!
  8. LizardFreak7
    Version: 1.3
  9. LordMarakith
    Version: 1.1
    Simple, yet perfect for the job
  10. Tux
    Version: 1
    10/10 would bang again