SimpleCommands 3.2

Adds a few commands such as /feed /fly /heal /vanish /tp

  1. 3rc
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    Languages Supported:
    > Provides basic commands to help server owners and players!

    ###Global prefix for all commands####
    prefix: '&bSimpleCommands&7> &d'
    ###Command messages###
    godenabled: '&cYou have enabled god mode!'
    goddisabled: '&cYou have disabled god mode!'
    afkenabled: '&cis now afk!'
    afkdisabled: '&cis no longer afk!'
    fullfood: '&cYour health has been set to full!'
    flyon: '&cYou have enabled flying!'
    flyoff: '&cYou have disabled flying!'
    gm0: '&cYour gamemode has been changed to survival!'
    gm1: '&cYour gamemode has been changed to creative!'
    gma: '&cYour gamemode has been changed to adventure!'
    gmsp: '&cYour gamemode has been changed to spectator!'
    heal: '&cYour health has been refilled!'
    kill: '&cYou have killed this player successfully!'
    killall: '&cYou have killed everyone successfully!'
    tp: '&cYou have teleported to '
    tpall: '&cAll players have been teleported to your location!'
    vanishon: '&cYou are now vanished!'
    vanishoff: '&cYou are no longer vanish!'

    fly: (
    feed: (simplecommands.feed)
    heal: (simplecommands.heal)
    gmc: (simplecommands.gmc)
    afk: (simplecommands.afk)
    god: (simplecommands.god)
    tphere: (simplecommands.tphere)
    tp: (
    kill: (simplecommands.kill)
    killall: (simplecommands.killall)
    craft: (simplecommands.craft)
    gms: (simplecommands.gms)
    vanish: (simplecommands.v)
    kick: (simplecommands.kick)
    gma: (simplecommands.gma)
    gmsp: (simplecommands.gmsp)
    invsee: (simplecommands.invsee)
    enchanter: (simplecommands.enchanter)
    anvil: (simplecommands.anvil)
    trash: (simplecommands.trash)
    enderchest: (simplecommands.enderchest)
    schelp: (

    Find any bugs? Please pm me.

    Currently inactive. If you would like src code please dm me.
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Recent Reviews

  1. Blocks_n_more
    Version: 3.2
    Why would anybody even get this? all of there commands are off of essentials and downloading the plugin gives all of these + more theirs no point for this even 2 years ago.
  2. Demeng
    Version: 3.2
    hallo dis plagin dont working on 1.8!!! fix this!!! also i thank this plagin have backdoors! fix!!!! this is poop plaginn!

    yes this is a joke but on a serious note,
    The developer spams fake reviews, is very immature and toxic, and extremely rude.
  3. JordanPlayz158
    Version: 3.2
    Practically a bad clone/rip off of essentials except with bad coding and a dev that is childish
  4. BoyRadoBG
    Version: 3.2
    Bad plugin like his developer. One of the worst plugin ive ever seen so far. Don't download. 10/10 would not recommend! Even my grandma can make his with 1 day of Spigot knowledge.
  5. PreciseKill
    Version: 3.2
    This plugin isn’t the worst I’ve seen, but the developer clearly lacks in some fields. Also it’s (developer) is toxic, petty and immature.
    1. 3rc
      Author's Response
      A plugin developed two years ago. "Clap" "Clap" and the first plugin I've ever made. Nice try.
  6. Benku
    Version: 3.0
    Best Plugin Ever! I am an essentials hater and it really helps my server grow without essentials ------- mr. breakurpc ;)
    1. 3rc
      Author's Response
      Thanks :3
  7. Spooner
    Version: 2.2
    Very helpful plugin that helped me bridge the gap on my server between some custom base plugins and what I still needed without having to use essentials. Thanks for the update!
    1. 3rc
      Author's Response
      Thanks so much <3
  8. humanminecraft
    Version: 1.5
    this is great plugin. plugin it works well on my server. thanks for you for making it. more command like gma for gamemode of adventure or gmsp for gamemode of spectator.
    1. 3rc
      Author's Response
      Thank you for the review! I'll add these cmds in.
  9. MRTG
    Version: 1.5
    Thanks for the basic Commands all is working please add more Simple Commands it's very usefull for Essentials hater
    1. 3rc
      Author's Response
      What commands would you like added?