SimpleCompass 1.2

A compass plugin simple to use, to show directions and track positions, players...

  1. arboriginal
    Native Minecraft Version:
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    Source Code:
    Languages Supported:
    All (edit the config.yml, FR and EN by default)


    SimpleCompass was a small plugin which allows to display one (or two) compass in the action bar / boss bar area. It evolves to a "not so simple" compass plugin with lots of options and fully configurable. You can also extend it by using some optional modules which allows to track positions, players, ...
    (BTW, thanks to @Shano_dekono for his suggestions and help to identify bugs in early versions!)

    Players can easily change their settings with commands, they just have to click on the the one they want. There is also a combined interface in a clickable book which merge compass options and trackers' actions.

    In-game options are:
    • Use always the compass, never or only in vehicle and/or elytra.
    • Use compass in 180° or 360° mode
    You can also configure how the compass is (colors, symbols, size, ...) in the plugin config.yml file. There are lots of possibilities, for example, bossbar color, level, use elytra's durability as level, ... And the plugin is totally localisable (english and french locales files are provided by default).

    I would love to have videos showing and explaining the plugin in use, but I'm not good at making videos... If you are able to make one, send me the link (preferred on Youtube) and I will include it (with credit) on this page. English language is IMHO the most important, because it will be understandable by the most of users, but if you want to make a video in another language, I will include it too.

    How to install
    There is no dependencies, simply drop the jar file into your plugin directory, then restart (or reload) your server. All configuration parameters are explained in this config.yml.

    To use the command sctrack, you need at least one tracker addon. You can find them here:
    (You have to download them separately and put them in "plugins/SimpleCompass/trackers" folder)

    Have a look at the Spigot plugin thread, maybe other addon (made by other developers) will be listed.

    If you have java skills, you can also develop your own tracker addon by extending the AbstractTracker class in a dedicated jar file, read code of those existing trackers as examples. In this case, send me a link, I will add yours in the list on the plugin page.

    If you're using 1.12.2, I've made a quick port, I will provide no support on it because I'm not using it, but it seems to work well. You can download the 1.12.2 version here. This is based on old version of this plugin with less features, sorry for users of 1.12.2 but I have no time to spend on a complete portage.

    All permissions are listed with a short description in this plugin.yml.
    If you use trackers addons, other permissions are available.
    Have a look at your trackers' Github page to know them.

    • /scompass to show the book interface, the easiest way to use the plugin.
    • /scompass-reload (or /screload) to reload the configuration.
    • /scompass-option (or /scoption, or /scompass option [*]) to show a text based menu to choose where, when and how to display the compass, but as said before, the easiest way is /scompass.
    • /scompass-track (or /sctrack, or /scompass track [*]), if you have at least one tracker addon installed, to manage your trackings.
    • /scompass-toggle (or /sctoggle) to quickly toggle ON/OFF you compass(es)
    You can use /scompass-option with arguments directly if you prefer (/scompass-option <option> <type>).

    [*]: "option" and "track" are default english keyword, you can change them in locale files. For example, in french, default are "option" and "piste".

    Find a bug?
    Report it on the issue tracker exclusively.
    Because of users unable to give details, I will ignore other reports.
    The discussion thread is reserved to questions and announcements.​

Recent Updates

  1. Version 1.2
  2. Version 1.1
  3. Fix for Citizen NPC

Recent Reviews

  1. SlimeDog
    Version: 1.1
    Does just what it's supposed to do. Simple and effective on Spigot 1.14.4. Keep up the good work.
  2. silverhonecat
    Version: 1.0
    Hey, great plugin! Works fine on our 1.14.4 Java Paper server. :)
    Quick question; what are the other bar style types besides 'SOLID', since it seems to be an editable option? Tried to post in Discussion but it's age-locked.
    Thank you so much for your work!
    1. arboriginal
      Author's Response
      Hi silverhonecat,

      Cool! So it works on 1.14 :) TBH, I didn't try it with this version for now but it was planned, and I didn't want to flag it working with if not tested.

      Bar styles are Minecraft bossbar styles, so you can choose how the bossbar appears (available options are referenced in the online default config (see the plugin page for the link in "How to install" section). If you need more details:

      You can force the "age-lock" of the discussion thread by checking the "I am aware...", the project is not abandoned. :)
  3. the_happy_helper
    Version: 0.9.9
    Absolutely incredible plugin, started off a simple compass and is now an advanced compass/tracker. So many gud ideas put into this. Thankyou arboriginal for all of your efforts in making this in your free time and thankyou shano for all the suggestions/ideas etc such as using plugin placeholders to track certain areas relating to the plugin that it hooks into

    A lot of ppl didn't think it was possible to make such a plugin but here it is and surprisingly free. You're too kind arboriginal and thankyou for adding in my suggestions too and for the quick replies :)

    Thankyou again, take care

    PS: Soz i had to re-post the review a couple times cause of spelling errorz
    1. arboriginal
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the nice review!

      My plugins are and will always be free don't worry ;)
      If someone wants to give money, make a donation to Spigot team!
      (I can't imagine the amount of work to maintain this project)
  4. Alter-Ego
    Version: 0.9.7
    This plugin is absolutely amazing so many features including the ability to set death location trackers aswell as Placeholder co-oordinates from other plugins such as towny and theres also the ability for players to send tracking requests to each other so they they can find each other in the game.

    The dev has spent a lot of time and hard work adding these features in and fixing many tricky bugs along the way. I'm glad I was able to help assist in the testing of this plugin and am happy that pretty much all of the features I suggested were added in aswell.

    Excellent author, excellent plugin and very useful it is much more than a simple plugin now it is infact an advanced plugin so don't let the name fool you I higly suggest using this plugin for pvp, factions and towny servers alike. The permissions also give you a lot of control as to who can or can't use these features which is also amazing.

    If I could give this a 10 star rating I'd give it a 20!
    Great work arboriginal you never cease to amaze ;)
    1. arboriginal
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the good review, your ideas to improve the plugin, and most of all for you help to find bugs! ;)
  5. MrEMan
    Version: 0.9.7
    I love finding plugins that I never knew I needed on the server. This is fantastic.
    1. arboriginal
      Author's Response
      Thanks MeEMan, glad you love it, it took me time ;)
  6. lililili
    Version: 0.4
    Well! That"s so cool!
    I want take it to chinese Websiet
    Could I do that? I will mark author and your Web at first!
    1. arboriginal
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!

      No problem, you can put it where you want if you don't lie on the origin ;)

      The code is also open, so if you need to change something, you can make a fork on github too (like that you will be able to easily import future changes in your version), for example if you want to make a distribution with Chinese text instead of english directly in the default generated config.yml.

      If you do it, you can send me by DM the link for Chinese people, I can add it to the plugin page.