SimpleCore 1.1

A very simple Warp, Spawn, Home plugin which is very lightweight

  1. DrunkTIger
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    This plugin is a simple, small plugin which adds a few basic commands.

    /spawn Teleports the Player to the Spawn
    /setspawn sets the Spawn to the current player location
    /setwarp [name] sets a new warp
    /warp [name] teleports the player to the Warp name

    Warp Storage
    The Warps are Stored in the warps.yml file, so you can also add/remove/edit warps throught the file.

    the Permissions are SimpleCore.[NameOfCommand]
    for example SimpleCore.Spawn

    Just tested, it works on all versions of 1.9, including 1.9.4 :)

    Feel free to comment what you think of this plugin, and rate if you like it.

    There will be new features in the future, but my aim is to keep it relatively simple, so just come by from time to time to look for new Features.

    Source Code on Github:
    !Warning! it could be possible that the Source code isn't functional, it's better to use the .jar