SimpleCrates | Easy to Configure | Spigot 1.8-1.12 v2.7

A very easy to use crate key plugin!

  1. VenomEater552
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    • 1.11
    • 1.12
    If you are using Spigot 1.8, check to make sure you are using one of these sound types. If you are using 1.9 or higher, click here.

    I work a lot on this plugin for free, and I want to keep it that way. If you are feeling generous, you can click above to donate. You can PM me to verify your donation and I will list your server IP below this spoiler.

    SimpleCrates is an easy-to-use crates plugin that allows you to create multiple crates with different keys, rewards, commands, as well as a ton of other different features such as the ones listed below.


    ♢Create keys with custom lore and names
    ♢Create infinite crates with infinite rewards
    ♢Infinite commands per reward
    ♢Have infinite locations for a crate
    ♢Easily set and unset crates with one command
    ♢Easily give players keys (Great for voting!)
    ♢Customization language file that allows for custom messages
    ♢Play a particle effect, firework, and/or sound upon open
    ♢Knockback the player if they don't have the right key
    ♢GUI for the prizes
    ♢VERY customizable

    CSGOCrates - Roll crates in a CSGO-Style (Horizontal, Vertical, Single) GUI


    /crates - Main help page
    /crates set (crate name) - Set a crate at the target block
    /crates unset - Unset a crate at the target block
    /crates give (player) (crate name) (amount) - Give a player crate keys
    /crates giveall (crate name) (amount) - Give all players a crate key
    /crates reload - Reload the lang file; Should be used after changing the lang file.
    /crates update - Manually check for and download SimpleCrates updates.
    /crates convert <crate> - Input all rewards from the crate into CSGOCrates if CSGOCrates is enabled
    ♢crates.crates - Main and only permission; If the player does not have this permission, they cannot use the commands. This permission should only be given to staff, as it is used to give keys, set/unset crates, and reload the lang file.

    NOTE: The user CAN still use crates and keys.

    ♢crateList.yml - Holds all the crate locations; Should not be tampered with

    ♢"crates" folder - Holds all the files for the crates. You MUST copy, paste, and edit these files to get new crates.

    ♢lang.yml - Holds all the message information; You may edit the messages sent to players in this file

    ♢global-settings.yml - Holds settings for metrics, chance gui, and auto-updates.

    Code (Text):
    chanceGUI: false
    check-updates: true
    metrics: true

    Having errors? Make sure your config looks SIMILAR to this:
    Code (Text):
      name: '&a&lExample Key Name'
      - '&b&lExample Key Lore'
      material: TRIPWIRE_HOOK
      data: 0
      - CHEST
      server: '&6%player% has opened an &8Example &6crate!'
      player: '&aThank you for opening an &8Example &6crate!'
            command: give %player% diamond 1
            delay: 0
            command: broadcast %player% has won 1 diamond!
            delay: 0
        chance: 50
          item: '5:2'
          name: '&6Pears'
          - '&cWin 1 diamond!'
          enchants: 0:4, 1:3, 2:1
          amount: 1
          glow: false
            command: eco give %player% 1000
            delay: 0
            command: broadcast %player% has won $1000
            delay: 0
        chance: 50
          item: '5:1'
          name: '&aguiName'
          - '&cWin 1000 dollars!'
          enchants: 2:4, 1:1, 3:1
          amount: 2
          glow: false
    chance-gui-name: '&6&lExample'
      enabled: true
      power: 1
      - flicker:true
      - trail:true
      - with:BALL
      - withColor:255,0,255
      - withFade:0,255,255
      enabled: true
        min: -1.0
        max: 1.0
        min: -1.0
        max: 1.0
      amount: 10
      id: 0
      data: 0
      speed: 0.1
      radius: 15
      enabled: true
      type: UI_BUTTON_CLICK
      volume: 5.0
      pitch: 0.0
      power-x: 0.25
      power-y: 0.3
      power-z: 0.25
      enabled: true
      type: LARGE_SMOKE
        x: 1
        z: 1
      amount: 10
      id: 0
      data: 0
      speed: 0.1
      radius: 15
      delay: 20

    Code (Text):
    target-not-chest: '&cTarget block is not a chest!'
    sender-not-player: '&cYou cannot execute this command through console!'
    proper-set-usage: '&4Proper usage: &c/crates set <crate name>'
    proper-give-usage: '&4Proper usage: &c/crates give <player> <crate name> <amount>'
    proper-give-all-usage: '&4Proper usage: &c/crates giveall <crate name> <amount>'
    crate-not-found: '&cThere is not a crate set at this location!'
    crate-unset: '&aCrate %crate% has been unset at this location!'
    given-key: '&aYou have been given 1 %crate% key!'
    given-keys: '&aYou have been given %amount% %crate% keys!'
    gave-key: '&aYou have given 1 %crate% key to %givento%'
    gave-keys: '&aYou have given %amount% %crate% keys to %givento%'
    player-not-online: '&cPlayer is not online!'
    not-a-number: '&cPlease enter a valid number!'
    crate-set: '&aA %crate% crate has been set at this location!'
    reloaded: '&aLang files have been reloaded!'
    no-crate-with-this-name: '&cThere is no crate with this name!'
    regenerate-config: '&cPlease regenerate your config file!'
    more-than-100: '&cChances add up to more than 100! Please contact a staff member to
      fix this!'
    not-unlockable-with-item: '&cYou need a %need% key to use this crate!'
    unknown-subcommand: '&cUnknown subcommand!'
    didnt-win: '&cYou didn't win anything from %crate%!'

    How to set new crates:
    ♢Copy and paste the example crate file, or edit the example crate to fit your liking.

    ♢After copying the file, make sure you change the name and edit the contents to how you like it.



    If you have any suggestions, bugs, or comments, please leave them in the DISCUSSION section or PM me about them! If you have liked the plugin, please leave an honest review!

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    Version: v2.7
    Very Fine plugin. Please update to spigot version 1.16 on this plugin.. =D
  2. SGhost
    Version: v2.7
    It seems to me an excellent complement I love it and more especially the modification of messages other plugins do not allow it and spam the console in my case on a prison server and I just love it but I get errors, how do I solve them?
  3. _TiagoCoolGamer_
    Version: v2.7
    Amazing Plugin!
    Pretty amzing...

    It would be pretty good if it soon atleast 1.13.x supports!
  4. iTz_lolpixel
    Version: v2.7
    This is a good plugin but I want to install the CSGO addon to have a GUI but apparently I don't know if the page fell, I don't know, I would like it to be fixed
  5. Epakfillsyer
    Version: v2.7
    Good crates plugin. Says there is a prize editing GUI but there isn't. Please fix.
  6. BigJoeDiesel
    Version: v2.7
    worked great in 1.12.2, Players loved it. We have moved on to 1.13 and hope to see SimpleCrates updates for most recent versions asap. Thanks for making and sharing such a simple and efficient plugin.
  7. rey15
    Version: v2.7
    I like it, easy to use and good configuration. But I don't like that the items have enchantments.

    enchants: 0:4, 1:3, 2:1

    Is there any way to get them out? because those enchantments, aren't for the item.
  8. rileymc9
    Version: v2.7
    Very awesome I was looking for a plugin just like this I am glad you put this out for us however the config isn't that easy but its okay and offers lots of features
    Thanks for taking the time to make this amazing plugin!
  9. Rockemnbach
    Version: v2.7
    How do I put a message that appears only to the player as soon as he wins the crate item? Example: You won 5 diamonds. please help me
  10. ByDeViL_YT
    Version: v2.7
    Very nice plugin im using it at my server i like it and like the name says is very easy to use :)