SimpleCrates | Easy to Configure | Spigot 1.8-1.12 v2.7

A very easy to use crate key plugin!

  1. Update

    -Changed metrics to bStats
    -Updated updater for new spigot protocol
    -Updated particle effects to make them look more aesthetically pleasing
    -Changed the plugin name to "SimpleCrates" instead of "Crates" (This means you will need to copy and paste your files into the new folder called "SimpleCrates")

    -Compiled with 1.8-1.12
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  2. Features & Fixes

    +Added a /crates convert command for CSGOCrates
    +Added a config options for particles around a crate.
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  3. Features & Fixes

    +Added multiple fireworks for a crate. Just copy and paste the already-transferred over crate and make as many as you want
    +Fixed player messages broadcasting to the server
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  4. Full CSGOCrates support

    +Finished support for the CSGOCrates addon.

    This update should be automatically uploaded to your server.
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  5. I ran out of update titles, just adding new things

    WARNING: Backup all data files before updating. Everything will work fine transferring from the big file to smaller YAML files, but you should still be careful in case you get struck with a bad spell.

    Added an addons folder for future support of paid addons and modules (plugins/Crates/addons) and (plugins/Crates/addonsData if you have an addon)
    +Added an auto updater, will download directly from spigot into your plugins folder if there is an update. All you need to do is...
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  6. Knockback & Command delays

    +Added config options to change the power of the item knockback
    -Y direction no longer affects how high you go in knockback
    -Redid knockback equation ^
    +Added delays to commands by TICKS (20 ticks = 1 second; 5 seconds = 100 ticks) (Config will look different, should change automatically to the correct format)
  7. Features & Fixes

    +Fixed knockback issues with wrong items
    +Added "glow" and "amount" for reward gui items (Must not have "enchants: none" for this to work)
    +Added a possibility of having less than %100 chances, but not more. There will be a chance of getting no reward.
    +Fixed an issue with /crates giveall throwing an error
    +Added a didnt_win to the language file
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  8. Crates list & Multiple crate blocks

    +Added a <crate>.chest.blocks list to make any block a chest
    +/crates list - See the list of crates
    -/crates set <crate> only works with the list of applicable blocks for that crate
    +Automatically adds back any missing GUI lines from your rewards.
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  9. Change the key material

    +Added config options to change the key material
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  10. Added a sound helper

    +1.8 users will no longer get "UI_BUTTON_CLICK" but will get "CLICK" when generating configs
    +1.9 users will continue to get "UI_BUTTON_CLICK".

    Please change UI_BUTTON_CLICK to CLICK if you are a 1.8 user even if you have sounds disabled.
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