SimpleDrops 1.0.1

Change how item drops work

  1. CraigEge
    As the title suggests, drops are now simple.

    So what does it do?
    Simple drops compresses drops from specified inventory types and players deaths in to one single drop which can then be interacted with.

    Which inventories combine these drops and whether a players items are combined on death is fully configurable, including what the item looks like and the information written on it.

    Supported Versions
    Anything after 1.8.3 (Including 1.8.8)

    Code (Text):
    # Config settings
      # Overwrite the current config if there is an update
      # Default: true
      # NOTE: Setting to false will create a .new file when there is an update
      overwriteOnUpdate: true

      # Add a delay between when an item spawns and when it can be picked up in seconds
      # Default: 2.0
        # All items will have this pickup delay
        default: 2.0
        # Overrides default pickup delay
        # NOTE: Supports item names, item ids and data values
          'stone:1': 2.0

    # Combine drops from a certain sources in to a single item
      # Allow these combined items to stack if they contain EXACTLY the same things
      # Default: false
      allowStacking: false
      # Items combining on player death
        # Should this be enabled?
        # Default: false
        enabled: false
        # The item that will be dropped on death (containing all the other items)
          id: CHEST
          name: '&6%player%s Drops'
          - '&5Time of death: &d%hour%:%minute%:%second%'
          - '&5Date: &d%day%/%month%/%year%'
          - '&5Killed By: &d%killer%'
          - ''
          - '&7&oRight click in hand to open'
      # Items combining on inventory break
      # Example: Break a chest, hopper, dropper etc. and the contents will combine
        # What type of inventories should combine drops on break
        # NOTE: Leave blank to disable
        # Default: CHEST
        - CHEST
        # The item that will be dropped on inventory break (containing all the other items)
          id: CHEST
          name: '&6%name% Drops'
          - ''
          - '&7&oRight click in hand to open'
      # Drop the remaining combined items on the floor
        # When the item is thrown from a players inventory
        # Default: false
        onThrown: false
        # When the inventory is closed
        # Default: true
        onInventoryClose: true
        # When the drop despawns
        # Default: true
        onDespawn: true
    Although there is currently only 1 message used in the entire plugin (trying to open stacked drops), you can change it (and any future messages) through the lang.yml file provided.

    This plugin uses it own utility to create an item, due to this, here is a breakdown of how to specify data on to a custom item.
    Code (Text):
      # Material name/id : Damage value
      # Damage value is optional
      id: 'diamond sword:1'
      # Item name (Supports colour)
      name: '&5Custom Name'
      # Item lore (Supports colour)
      - 'Lore line 1'
      - '&2Green lore line 2'
      # Uses names from
        DAMAGE_ALL: 3
        DURABILITY: 1
      # Only works if item is a skull
      owner: 'CraigEge'
      # Only works if item is a map
      scaling: true
      # Only works if item is leather armour
      color: #FF0000


    If you have any suggestions/issues, feel free to contact me through one of the methods below:

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