SimpleEgg v0.4.9

Capture and convert mobs to spawn eggs with their attributes preserved.

  1. bdubz4552
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    • 1.14
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    SimpleEgg - The Free, Open Source Mob Catching Utility
    This project is no longer actively maintained.

    SimpleEgg is a different flavor of MobCatcher. The core principle of capturing mobs with eggs is the same, but SimpleEgg has its own badges of honor.

    • Open Source Under MIT License
    • No NMS Dependence (Works across multiple server versions)
    • Produces to the fullest extent possible exact carbon copies of the captured mobs
    • Saved mob data is viewable in the spawn egg's item lore
    Using SimpleEgg
    The Basics
    To capture a mob, throw an egg at it. SimpleEgg will either remove currency or items from you, depending on how it is configured. By default, this is five diamonds, however this can be modified to any item and amount, or switched over to Vault mode and currency used instead. If you have the required materials or money, they will be removed, the mob will vanish, and a spawn egg will drop where the mob was.

    What the Spawn Egg is
    The spawn egg that drops is a standard spawn egg with lore assigned to it that contains all of that mob's properties. When you use this spawn egg, SimpleEgg will read the lore and modify the spawned mob so that it is a near exact clone of the one you originally captured. Some issues that Bukkit/Spigot has with mob data are explained further down the page.

    Owner Recognition
    SimpleEgg is conscious of tameable mobs. A player is required to have one of two permission nodes, "SimpleEgg.owner-override", or "SimpleEgg.steal" to be able to capture a tamed mob owned by another player. A more in depth explanation of these permission nodes is on the Commands and Permissions page.

    Automatic Taming
    If a mob is not tamed, players who have the "" permission node can not only capture the mob, but automatically tame it by doing so.

    Egg Refunds
    If a capture attempt fails for some reason that SimpleEgg can detect, there is a config setting for egg refunds. When enabled (true), a player will be refunded their egg if their capture attempt fails. Note that refunds are blocked no matter what in creative, to prevent egg duping.

    Commands and Permissions
    See the SimpleEgg commands and permissions on the Commands and Permissions page.

    See the SimpleEgg configuration guide if you have any questions about the configuration settings. The configuration file automatically updates itself, which is super cool, but as a consequence comments are not supported, and this page will instead explain all you need to know.

    Possible Plugin Compatibility Issues
    • SimpleEgg stores mob data in the spawn eggs it produces. If you have another plugin that allows item lore editing, be aware that the mob data of SimpleEgg spawn eggs can be tampered with.
    • SimpleEgg will respect mob owners that vanilla Minecraft respects. Any artificial, plugin generated ownership cannot be detected, and hence cannot be respected.
    Known Issues
    • Villager professions are not fully supported by Spigot; some Spigot profession types blanket over two vanilla professions. May be solvable with NBT but that breaks compatibility.
    • Villager trades with enchants will have enchants ruined. Looking into this.
    Update Delivery
    SimpleEgg uses Gravity's updater to check and notify for new versions. This communicates with Curse, simply checking for a newer build and does not download updates automatically. If a new build is available, SimpleEgg will say so in your server's console at startup and players with the "SimpleEgg.update-notify" permission will receive a message upon joining. This can be disabled with the config setting "update-checks".

    Looking Ahead
    • Waiting for the next batch of mobs to come out in a future MC update
    • If Spigot adds better support for Villager professions, fixes will be made
    • SimpleEgg is open source under the MIT License, and the SimpleEgg GitHub repository is public to view and fork.
    • I do not follow "convention" with my commits; you will find that they often encompass a lot of things and are not focused to one particular task.
    • I don't do pull requests. I like to keep my projects to my own work, but if you have code problems please let me know in the project's Issues tab.

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Recent Reviews

  1. Xiph3r
    Version: v0.4.9
    it works,but wish it had more options like differnt costs per mob, other then that its a great plugin.
  2. Puremin0rez
    Version: v0.4.8
    Works perfectly and does exactly what it states. All relevant data is preserved for mobs. Reviewed using 1.14.4.
  3. MeesterMaarten
    Version: v0.4.5
    The plugin is working, but it would be practical if the parent nodes could be fixed. I'm using LuckPerms. Keep up the good work!
    - Messages.yml
    - Different Prices - Mobs/Animals
  4. Savius
    Version: v0.2.0
    Does its job. Using it right instead of MobCatcher, due to it not working.

    Only have three things, though. 'Wish there was a reload command, the group permissions don't work as I had to use child permissions, and the ability to change the prefix/messages would be nice.