SimpleEssentialsKits 1.3.6

A plugin that allows the ability to create and edit kits with the Essentials plugin in-game.

  1. Vextricity


    is a simple plugin that allows the ability to create kits with the Essentials plugin in-game. Everybody that has ever used the Essentials plugin knows how annoying it is to have to config every single kit they want, and some users have trouble with the config and can never get kits to work without it breaking. That's where SimpleEssentialsKits comes in. In this plugin, it's extremely easy to add kits to the essentials config in-game, which supports enchantments, lores, and displaynames, kit cooldowns, costs, and even money when players use the kit. Simply have the kit you want in your inventory, and type the command explained below.

    /sek help - Display the help page.
    /sek addkit (name) (cooldownInSeconds) (money) (cost) - Creates a new kit. The argument "money" is how much money the player receives when they use the kit.
    /sek editkit (name) - Opens an inventory containing the kit in which you can modify it.
    /sek removekit (name) - Remove a kit.
    /sek setcooldown (name) (cooldownInSeconds) - Change a kit's cooldown.
    /sek setmoney (name) (money) - Change a kit's money.
    /sek setcost (name) (cost) - Change a kit's cost.
    /sek getinfo (name) - Get a kit's info.
    /sek about - Displays the about page.

    sek.admin - Allows permission to the commands listed above.

    What makes it different?
    There are a few other plugins out there that have the same intentions as SimpleEssentialsKits, so what makes it so different? Well, first off, SimpleEssentialsKits is the newest, which means it has a long while to go before becoming outdated and before the developer loses interest. Other than that, SimpleEssentialsKits adds the option to give players money when they use the kit, which is something that is implemented into the essentials plugin that not many people know about. Also, this plugin is a lot more lightweight than all of the other Essentials config-editing plugins out there. Finally, SimpleEssentialsKits offers a unique way to add / remove items to the kits in-game using a GUI.

    Goals / Future Features
    - Ability to add fireworks to kits.
    - Improve the way books work
    - Ability to configure all messages in the plugin.
    - Ability to customize heads.

    - Books can be very buggy and it is recommended that you manually use add them for the time-being.
    - If you've made a kit in the essentials config not using the plugin, it is case-sensitive, and does not support some enchantments.
    For more info, please see the FAQ.

    Question: I'm trying to edit a kit and it says it doesn't exist! Help?
    Answer: This is because the kit you're trying to edit was added to the server manually in the config. Because of that, it is case-sensitive. If the kit name is "diAmond", you will have to type "diAmond" into the kit name argument.

    Question: I'm trying to edit a kit and it says that I cannot edit a kit with an unknown enchantment in it. What is an unknown enchantment?
    Answer: An unknown enchantment is an enchantment that plugin plugin doesn't yet recognize. You're probably trying to edit a kit that you added manually in the config before getting the plugin. For example, the enchantment "protection" is not recognized. Instead, the plugin will recognize "protection_environmental". Fireaspect will be recognized as "fire_aspect", not "fireaspect". Support for those enchantment names will be added soon.

    Question: How can I make it to where I can edit a kit with unknown enchantments?
    Answer: Easy! Simply type /kit (kitname), and then type /sek addkit (kitname) (cooldownInSeconds) (money) (cost). This will override the kit and make the plugin support it.

    Question: What is the difference between money and cost?
    Answer: Money is how much money the player receives when they use the kit, while cost is much much the kit costs to use.

Recent Reviews

  1. ISniffingWolf
    Version: 1.3.6
    1. Vextricity
      Author's Response
      It doesn't actually 'mess up' your config, it just removes the comment lines. So that's why the config looks a lot smaller. If you want to know what everything in the config means, here's a link to the full config: I'll work on fixing it, and thanks for the review! :)
  2. InfectedCoding
    Version: 1.3.6
    Great Plugin! Exactly what I am looking for! Request: The Plugin triggers commands when do /kit, like adding mcMMO Credits with the other plugin. Everything else is amazing! +1
    1. Vextricity
      Author's Response
      Not sure if I can do that, because the regular essentials plugin needs to support it before I can add it, but maybe sometime in the future. :)
  3. TioRowan
    Version: 1.3.5
    This plugins is amazing.
    and the new edit gui... Wow
    1. Vextricity
      Author's Response
      Thanks! :)
  4. Reaper
    Version: 1.3.5
    Amazing concept.
    Helps with adding items containing custom enchants and saves time.
    Overall a great plugin.
    1. Vextricity
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! :)
  5. alundra009
    Version: 1.3.2
    Nice plugin.
    1. Vextricity
      Author's Response
      Much appreciated. Thanks for the review. :)
  6. WasabIII
    Version: 1.2
    Very nice plugin =) !
    It is easy to create Kits and modify
    Thanks you
    1. Vextricity
      Author's Response
      No problem! Thanks for the review! :)