SimpleFly 1.0.0

Simple Plugins for Simple Servers

  1. ThePluginMan
    SimpleFly is a plugin that allows you to fly if you have the permission node.

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    - Download the plugin
    - Drag 'n drop the plugin to your plugin directory
    - Restart the server
    - Enjoy!

    /fly | enables and disables flight

    - (default op) | allows you to use the /fly commands

    If you have any ideas please message me your ideas :)

    You don't have to donate but donations are highly appreciated, if you wish to donate, click:
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Recent Reviews

  1. SammyXArtz
    Version: 1.0.0
    Simple to make & easy to perform :) if you have time please check my MyzX plugin :). No bug in this plugin at the moment. Keep updating it :) Sorry im speechless :3
    1. ThePluginMan