SimpleGamemode 3.0

Simple gamemode plugin

  1. nextinfinity
    SimpleGamemode, or SimpleGM for short, does exactly what the name says. This is my first plugin, so I went for something simple. While I am aware that there are other plugins like this, SimpleGM aims to cause no conflicts with any other plugins. It does this by using numbers for shorthand as opposed to letters.

    /0 <player> - Changes the player's gamemode to Survival.

    /1 <player> - Changes the player's gamemode to Creative.

    /2 <player> - Changes the player's gamemode to Adventure.

    /3 <player> - Changes the player's gamemode to Spectator.

    /simplegm - Shows basic plugin info.


    simplegm.* - Provides permission for all SimpleGM commands

    simplegm.use - Provides permissions for changing your own gamemode

    simplegm.use.others - Provides permissions for changing others' gamemodes (bother simplegm.use AND simplegm.use.others are required for this) - Provides permission for /simplegm

    Source Code
    You may view this plugin's source code here: