SimpleGifts 0.1

Perfect plugin for players to open gifts for christmas time!

  1. brainsynder
    Contributors: For helping me test and think of the idea
    What is SimpleGifts?
    SimpleGifts is a easy to setup/use gift plugin set to be available in the month of December. Each player can open 5 gifts(will make it so u can have more).

    /gift - Gives the 5 present heads to be placed. - Permission:"SimpleGifts.give" or Op

    Aliases for the command:
    - /gift
    - /simplegifts
    - /simplegift

    Config file:
    Code (Text):
    # Thanks for downloading SimpleGifts
    # Developers website:
    # Developers Skype: live:starwars4393
    # If you want them to be able to open more than 5 gifts then clear the PlayersData file and reload plugin.

    - item= DIAMOND / name= &c100 Dollars / command= eco give %player% 100
      Already-Opened: '&7You have already opened this gift.'
      Need-To-Wait: '&7You can not open this until the month of December.'
      No-Permission: '&cNot enough permissions.'
    How to add more rewards:
    1.) copy and pate a copy of the default one
    2.) change the item ex: DIAMOND = a diamond or ARMOR_STAND = an armor stand
    3.) Change the name of the reward
    4.) Change the command.

    How to install the plugin:
    1.) Download the plugin
    2.) Put the plugin the in the plugins folder on your server.
    3.) restart/reload the server (or if PlugMan is on your server load the plugin)

    Update plans:
    - Add configuration to add more heads
    - Make it so there is a cool down for the gifts so they can open more than five.
    - What do you guys want to see added? and Donlup like this.