SimpleGM | Beta 2020-07-01

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  1. HQcombatmaster
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
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    SimpleGM is a simple plugin with a simple command, it allows simple access to gamemode creative or survival with minimal effort, it allows the player to switch gamemode with /gm (provided that you have the permission ""), it does not require any other input as it changes your gamemode depending on your current gamemode.

    NOTE: This plugin is still in beta.




    1 -
    Allows the user with this permission to change their gamemode with /gm.


    Since this plugin is still in beta, we have not added an option to change other peoples gamemode, if you wish to change someone else's gamemode please use the default command "/gamemode (gamemode) (player)" until we update it to allow changes to other peoples gamemode, if you have any issues or bugs please contact me as soon as possible as I am new to plugins and only wish the best experience with my plugins. <3


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Recent Reviews

  1. Codes320
    Version: 2020-07-01
    Very simple but effective plugin. Makes life as an Admin much easier. Highly recommend.
    1. HQcombatmaster
      Author's Response
      Thank you, I am new to coding and still learning, going to be updating it a lot soon, this means a lot <3