SimpleHardcore 1.0

Simply Hardcore

  1. DeJayDev
    This, is Simple Hardcore! For all those aspiring server owner's wanting to add onto their network or current server! By default this plugin gives players 3 lives to start, and "eating"/right clicking a (non enchanted) golden apple will give the player +1 live. Also, by default this plugin will also override the servers difficulty to hard.
    Reloads the plugin's configuration!
    Check's amount of lives of the player who sent the command
    Please whitelist your server to begin with. This process will take approx 2 minutes.
    Stop the server.
    Download the plugin and add it to your /plugins folder.
    Start the server with the whitelist ON.
    Goto the plugins configuration file and edit to your needs.
    Disable the whitelist.
    This is the configuration:
    Code (Text):
      firstSetup: true
      playerLives: 3
      overrideDifficulty: true
      forceNumberOfMobs: false
      maxMobs: 100
      banTime: 1week
      onlyCountDeathsInWorldsSpecified: false
      pvp: true
      - world
    If you are fine with the settings follow these steps.
    1. Stop Server
    2. Install plugin
    3. Start server