SimpleHelpRV v2.5

Gives armor, and a overpowered wooden sword, tools, and healing and feeding.

  1. williamslack977
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.9
    Welcome to SimpleHelpRV a rewrite of the older SimpleHelp. In this plugin you can heal and feed yourself /heal and /feed (Might remove this in the future). You can do /defense and get a full set of Iron armor needs perm. SimpleHelp.Defense.
    /tools gives you a set of enchanted tools needs perm SimpleHelp.Tools. you can use /strength to give yourself an overpowered boost in strength needs perm SimpleHelp.Strength. I am not updating this plugin after this update sorry ...I need to focus on my unfinished projects...

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  1. updated to 1.9.2.
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Recent Reviews

  1. hnnh
    Version: v1.7
    I kinda wish I could make a plugin like this, I may have to go onto some help videos on YouTube on giving items to players, I know it has to do with the Player constance and ItemStack constance, but thats it
    1. williamslack977