SimpleHub 1.2

Yet another /hub Plugin (1.8 - 1.8.8)

  1. EvanTheSurfer
    EvanOG (evanthesurfer)

    This plugin is a custom plugin that I recently made for my server. It allows you to set a hub for your server(s). It is also very lightweight (considering its only 73 lines of code). This is my first plugin as I am very new to java, but please report any bugs below, and I will attempt to fix them. Please let me know in the discussion section what i could add to this plugin, and I will consider implementing it. As I said, I am very new to java, so please keep it manageable xD. I hope your server benefits from this plugin as much as mine has. Have a good day.

    /sethub - sets hub (must have permission: SimpleHub.sethub)
    /hub - teleports you to the hub

    Please note: You must set the hub before you can do /hub or you will get an error. In update 1.1, I added a listener that basically makes a player that joins the server, spawn at the /sethub point you set. This is something i forgot to add in update 1.0, so please update for the optimal experience!

Recent Reviews

  1. _No1InParticular
    Version: 1.2
    Great plugin for its purpose, easy to set up and use. Aside from the starting error which was fix it is great - 5/5 Stars for this :)
    1. EvanTheSurfer
      Author's Response
      Thanks. It's got a few bugs and overall needs more features. May update it soon.