SimpleHub 1.1

Adds /hub to your server/network, has lots of features

  1. LimeGlass
    I made a simple /hub command, this command makes players go to a directed server, by default that server name is "hub", you can edit this in the config.

    SimpleHub requires a bungee network
    - Warning message that tells user to type "/hub" again (Toggle on/off)
    - Permission needed (Toggle on/off)
    - Custom permission (Set it to whatever you want, by default its hub.use)
    - Super light weight
    - Auto updater
    - Customizable messages
    - Full control over everything in-game, except messages
    - Can direct players to any server (Default is hub)
    - Skript
    - SkQuery
    - WildSkript
    1.) Download Dependencies above and drag them into your server plugins folder
    2.) Run server
    3.) Download SimpleHub
    3.) Put SimpleHub in plugins > skript > scripts
    4.) Restart server or type /skripts reload SimpleHub
    5.) Done :D
    1.) Go to folder plugins > skript > scripts >
    2.) Open it in Notepad++ (only works in notepad++)
    3.) Edit the first group of lines, don't go past the warning lines, unless you know what your doing!
    /simplehub - list of all commands
    /simplehub permission - toggle permission mode on/off
    /simplehub autoupdater - toggle autoupdater on/off
    /simplehub warning - toggle warning on/off
    /hub - direct a player to hub/server

    simplehub.edit - access to all /simpelhub commands
    hub.use - default permission needed to do /hub (Can be changed in config)
    - Give me some ideas I have no ideas left for this, if you come up with a idea you want added, tell me in the discussion, I would love to hear it, and I might add it :D

    I literally made this in 15 minutes, if there is anything I can do to make it better, tell me, and I will apply it to SimpleHub.
    Sadly this is a skript plugin, so it only works on bukkit server, not on the bungee server.
    You have to add it to all servers in your network, I might make SimpleHub for bungee later.

    If you would like me to make a plugin or skript, please give me a explanation of what it does and how in the comments, and I might make it

Recent Updates

  1. Small update
  2. Changed download link 1.0.0