SimpleJail 2.1.1

Very simple plugin to jail rulebreakers for a specified time!

  1. Small change

    • FIXED - small possible fix for Windows machines
  2. Source on GitHub


    Nothing is changed in the plugin, but I just wanted to let you know that I won't develop this plugin actively anymore. No need to worry, though, I uploaded the source code on GitHub and you can submit a pull request if you want something added:
  3. UUID support + bugfixes

    • NEW - EXPERIMENTAL support for UUIDs (config option "options.uuid", default "false")
    • NEW - support for "&" characters for color
    • FIXED - /checkjail command is now fixed (%reason%)
    • FIXED - jailed players are now teleported back to jailpoint on respawn
    • FIXED - added missing "messages.unjail-success" messages to /unjail command
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  4. Full recode

    • Replaced messy code with readable one
    • Fixed broken yaw and pitch in jail and unjail points
    • Added option to change time format used to replace %until%
    • Replaced /jail reload with /simplejail
    • Removed no-permission config option
  5. Bugfixes

    • Fixed command whitelist/blacklist not working
    • Fixed /reload support
  6. Bugfix and new config option

    Fixed a bug where filtered command list was not working.
    Also added a config option to change the "no permission" text.
  7. Changes in config, bugfix, added blacklist

    Update version 1.1:
    * Small bugfix
    * Added command blacklist

    NB! After this update, the "whitelist" section of the config will not be used and can be deleted. Plugin will generate a new "commands" section!