SimpleJoinMsg 1

Changes PLAYERNAME Has JoinedThe Game To A More Likeable JoinMsg

  1. DarkMysticVoid
    This Plugin Is Simple It Makes The Join Msg Be
    Console Tells You, Enjoy The Server! AS A Pm
    And DISPLAYNAME Has Joined! For Global Msg

    To Do:
    Nothing A More Complex Version Will Come Out Feel Free To Revew This One! Tell Me What To Add To The Next One!

Recent Reviews

  1. Arisstath
    Version: 1.2
    It isn't configurable. All words are capitalized. It has a typo: "Sevrer" instead of "Server". Please make sure that plugin works 100% before you release it at spigot. Thanks :)
    1. DarkMysticVoid
      Author's Response
      If Youd Be Interested in helping me Test That Would Be Awesome :D
      Im Adding All Of That Now!