SimpleLobbyPlugin 1.5

GERMAN | ENGLISH - This is not only a Lobby Plugin! It's a SimpleLobbyPlugin!

  1. maxi1498
    SimpleLobbyPlugin 1.5

    Welcome to the my Lobby Plugin!
    Works with 1.8 upto 1.8.7!

    German Download: Version: 1.4

    1. What it makes!

    If you ever want to disable Damage, Hunger or Drops in your Lobby but you only find plugins with big advice! Than you should try this!
    There is no Message like 'No permission to hunger!' Only for the Drops!

    You can Disable and Enable the following functions:

    -Pickup for everyone
    - Flying for everyone
    - Jumping for everyone
    - Damage for everyone
    - Fall Damage for everyone
    - Hunger for everyone
    - Drops for everyone
    - Breaking Blocks for everyone
    - Placing Blocks for everyone

    Than you also can Disable and Enable the Functions for every player on it's own:

    -Pickup per Player
    - Flying per Player
    - Jumping per Player
    - Damage per Player
    - Fall Damage per Player
    - Hunger per Player
    - Drops per Player
    - Breaking Blocks per Player
    - Placing Blocks per Player

    Special Features:
    NEW: - Set the maximum of falling in a empty world

    2. Commands!​
    Code (Text):

    /lobby -  Ports you to the Spawn!
    /lobby toggle - Toggles all Function!
    /lobby help - Shows the Help Site!
    /lobby spawntoggle - Toggles Join Teleport to Lobby!
    /lobby set - Set the Lobby to your Location!
    /lobby damage <off/on> - Toggle the Damage Function!
    /lobby hunger <off/on> - Toggle the Hunger Function!
    /lobby drop <off/on> - Toggle dropping Items!
    /lobby pickup <off/on> - Toggle pickup Items!
    /lobby fly <off/on> - Toggle Flying!
    /lobby jump <off/on> - Toggle Jumping!
    /lobby place <off/on> - Toggle Placing Blocks!
    /lobby break <off/on> - Toggle Breaking Blocks!
    /lobby portlevel <Y-Coordinate> - Set the max. Fall Down Limit!
    /lobby <damage/hunger/drop> <player> - Toggle access for specific Player to a Function
    3. Permissions!
    Code (Text):
    - lobby.set - Allows you to Set the Lobby
    - lobby.toggle- Allows you to toggle all Functions
    4. Help:

    If you want to disable Hunger only type /lobby hunger off but if Player Bernd should have Hunger you only type /lobby hunger Bernd! If you do it again his Hunger will be disabled again!

    So very easy another Try:
    You want to disable Drops for only yourself, so then you type /lobby drop <yourname>!
    And that it was! You can drop nothing until you type it again or type /lobby drop on!

    Please look in the Config, a few Guys ask me for deleting the Drop message, so now you can toggle it in the Config!

    The PortLevel can only work if you type the Y-Coordinates but in this form: 25!
    Everything else wont work! And give out an Error in the Console!

    And you can edit every Option for all Players also in the config.yml only set the value to true or false!

    So i hope you got it now! If not just ask in the Comments!

    5. TO-DO:

    [+] Add way to define more Spawns
    [+] Add way to define the Messages your own!
    [+] Add German Version!
    [+] Add few more Functions!

    YAY, 100 Downloads!
    Thanks for watching and being interested in my Plugin ;D
    MaxiLp #;D​

Recent Updates

  1. New Features:
  2. Added a few Functions!
  3. Should work with 1.7.9 also!

Recent Reviews

  1. snowyCoder
    Version: 1.5
    good work, some advices
    make "/lobby reload" that reloads config file
    make more classes: like make the event listener and the command executor on other classes so if you want to do an update it's more easy for you to code
  2. Aphex
    Version: 1.2
    Works nice
  3. pintux98
    Version: 1.2
    Very good! Good job maxi1498! Work and do more features! Now it works fine with 1.8.*! Can you do also a 1.7.* plugin compatibility?
    1. maxi1498
      Author's Response
      Yeah i look to get it as fast as i can ;D