SimpleLobbyPlugin 1.5

GERMAN | ENGLISH - This is not only a Lobby Plugin! It's a SimpleLobbyPlugin!

  1. New Features:

    [+] Added possibility to disable the Drop Message!
    [+] Added the PortLevel!
  2. Added a few Functions!

    [+] Added Toggle for Fall Damage only!
    [+] Added Toggle for Breaking Blocks
    [+] Added Toggle for Placeing Blocks

    Also remade the look of the help page!
  3. Should work with 1.7.9 also!

    I hope it works because it worked for me ;D
  4. Added Jump, Fly Function

    [+] Added command /lobby jump <off/on>
    [+] Added command /lobby jump <off/on>
    [-] Removed Todo Task Sprinting Funtion
    Reason: To Buggy!