SimpleLocks 1.9

Easy lightweight user-friendly unique protection plugin with user definable blocks [MySQL/SQLite]

  1. gustav9797
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.7
    • 1.8
    • 1.9
    • 1.10
    Protect your world in a new and unique way.
    This plugin features the following:
    • Player crafted locks and keys.
    • No player commands. Everything is done inside an anvil.
    • Simply described you craft a key and link it to a lock then you attach the lock to any configured block in the world.
    • Both MySQL and SQLite support. (No server required!)
    • Highly configurable.
    • Locks are easily administrated.
    Craft an incomplete key and lock.

    Put a single Incomplete Key in an anvil to smith a Key with a unique ID.

    Put the Key along with an Incomplete lock to link them together.
    Done. Sneak-right click with the lock on any configured block and it will attach to it. You'll be able to lock/unlock the block with the linked key.
    Need more keys? No problem. Put a Key with an ID to the left and an Incomplete Key to the right. Now you can give extra keys to your friends.
    • /simplelocks adminkey - Gives you an Admin Key which can be used to lock/unlock any block.
    • simplelocks.player.createlock.<block> - Allows you to only give a player permission to put a lock on this specific block.
    • simplelocks.player.lock - Allows the player to lock/unlock blocks with matching keys.
    • simplelocks.player.craft.key - Allows the player to smith keys.
    • simplelocks.player.craft.copykey - Allows the player to smith copies of keys.
    • simplelocks.player.craft.lock - Allows the player to smith locks.
    • simplelocks.admin - Can open/close/interact with any locked blocks.

    Code (Text):
    # Default SimpleLocks config file

    # DB type sqlite/mysql
    dbtype: mysql

    # Only used if mysql
    host: localhost
    database: minecraft
    port: 3306
    username: root
    password: '1234'

    # Highest key generated, used to keep keys unique
    highestkeyid: 0

    # Allow locked blocks to be blown up or zombie break wooden doors or wooden blocks burn etc.
    allownaturedestruction: false

    # You can use the %b-placeholder in the messages It will be replaced with the name of the block interacted with.
        lockexists: "This %b already has a lock."
        lockplaced: "You have placed a lock on this %b."
        blocklocked: "This %b is now locked."
        blockunlocked: "This %b is now unlocked."
        keynomatch: "Your key doesn't match the lock."
        blockislocked: "This %b is locked."
        adminopen: "You can access this locked %b as you're lock admin."

    # Define what blocks should be lockable.
        - CHEST
        - WOODEN_DOOR
        - DISPENSER
        - ANVIL
        - FURNACE
        - JUKEBOX
        - BEACON
        - HOPPER
        - DROPPER
        - TRAP_DOOR
        - FENCE_GATE

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