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SimpleMessenger 1.0

A simple plugin that allows you to send and reply to private messages.

  1. ProBreezer
    Simple Plugins for Simple Servers
    SimpleMessenger is a plugin that allows your users to send and receive private messages.

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    - Download the plugin
    - Drag 'n drop the plugin to your plugin directory
    - Restart the server
    - Enjoy!

    /msg <username> <msg>
    /tell <username> <msg>
    /message <username> <msg>
    /r <msg>



    Known Bugs
    If you find a bug please send me a message explaining your issue/bug

    Planned Features
    - To make the /r feature function correctly
    If you have any ideas please message me your ideas :)

    I sometimes stream myself coding along with some general Minecraft gaming at www.twitch.tv/probreezer every night between 10 pm-12 am GMT if you wish to join.