SimpleMob 1.2.1

The best mob spawning plugin.

  1. DeletedAccount

    This plugin is a basic mob spawning plugin, with more than your average /mob plugin. It has every single mob in, plus a few extra :)

    If a player spawns a destructive mob such as a EnderDragon or Wither there will be a message in console with the player name, coordinates of where they spawned it, world name and what they spawned, for any other mob it simply displays a console INFO message with the coordinates, world name and player name.

    Commands »
    /sm <entity> <targetplayer> - spawn a mob on the target player.
    /sm - display plugin info & mobs you can spawn.

    Permissions »
    simplemob.use - spawn any mob.

    Known Bugs »
    None :)

    Planned Features »
    Permissions for every mob.
    GUI for spawning.
    Config for disabled/enabled mobs.

    Other »
    If you would like me to disable certain mobs for you in the plugin, send a PM and I can do that for you :)

    Please remember to rate the plugin if you like it :)

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  1. Alegolex01
    Version: 1.0
    It works fine! No bugs at all! It is amazing and it is better than using the essentials /mob
    1. DeletedAccount