SimpleMOTD 1.0

The Simplest MOTD you will ever need!

  1. Jahaan
    LordVira (@Coder_Aaron)

    - A Simple MOTD System!
    - No Need For Config! (That's how simple it is :p)
    - Makes server unique!

    This plugin was my VERY FIRST plugin so please don't hate on it! I could not have made this plugin without the help of my friend LordVira (@Coder_Aaron)!

    ~~~Future Updates~~~
    - Configurable Messages!
    - Placeholders!

    This plugin was made by me on behalf of the community at TheCoreMS OP Prison server! Go check them out at!
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Recent Reviews

  1. Atmazphere
    Version: 1.0
    Very SimpleMOTD! Very easy to use, also very cool that you don't even need to configure it! 10/10, good job.
    1. Jahaan
      Author's Response