SimplePets 2.0

A pets plugin with a variety of features perfect for donators

  1. Minor Update

    + Villager Pet's trade contents can now be configured using the format which can be found in "trades.yml"
    + Your balance can now be used instead of tokens by changing the "use-currency-instead-of-tokens" value in "config.yml"
    + All abilities can be disabled by using the "disable-abilities" value in "config.yml"

    If there is any suggestions you have for the plugin let me know :D
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  2. Ability Cooldown Customization

    + The hotbar message which is displayed when a cooldown is active on a pet is now customizable
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  3. Massive Update - Loads of new features and lots of bug fixes

    Due to some major changes in configuration files. I recommend you delete all configuration files and re-create them.

    NOTE: There was a lot added in this update so I will be updating my Wiki as soon as possible.
    + Holograms for Pets menus now supports multiple lines
    + Companions can now be renamed (There is also a profanity filter to prevent swear words from appearing in the name. Renaming also supports color codes).
    + Companions can now activate...​
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  4. Fixes, Fixes and More Fixes :P

    + Multiverse Support (Companions now despawn and respawn when a player changes world).
    + CustomEnderchest Support (If is found it will replace the default enderchest with the plugins enderchest).
    + Giraffe Pet Anti-Griefing Support (If Worldguard or GriefPrevention is installed a player cannot use the giraffe pet if they are not apart of a claim).
    + Console can now execute certain commands
    - "pets...
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  5. Give command and Minor Fixes

    + Added the give command (/pets give (pet (player))
    + Some Pet Ability cooldowns can now be set to 0 (If you want, not recommended though)

    + Fixed an error occuring with companions when a player joins and leaves
    + Fixed an issue if the "Plus Tokens" and "Minus Tokens" in the config is changed the buttons stopped working.
    + Fixed the "/pets" command not displaying "/pets companions"
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  6. Companions, New Pets, Heaps of Fixes and Much More

    + Added Companions (/pets companion) Choose your favourite pet to be your companion, it will float around and follow you (as this is a new feature I expect their to be some bugs, if you find any please private message me them).
    + Added a reload command (/pets reload) Reloads all SimplePets configuration files
    + Added Dog Pet (Rarity: Rare)
    + Added Werewolf Pet (Rarity: Legendary)

    + Both Pet GUI's are now fully customizable (Items, Names and Lores)
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  7. PlaceholderAPI Support, New Pets and Fixes!

    + PlaceholderAPI support, to download the expansion please do (/papi ecloud download SimplePets). Currently there is one placeholder %simplepets_player_tokens% which displays the player's tokens.
    + Added Cat Pet (Rarity: Common)
    + Added Crafting Table Pet (Rarity: Rare)
    + Added Enderchest Pet (Rarity: Rare)
    + Added Enderman Pet (Rarity: Epic)

    + Changed the Lion's ability from Rawr to Roar
    + Changed the Knight's cooldown to match the item
    + Changed the...
  8. Block Break Error & New Pet

    New Pets
    + Added the Cake Pet (Common Pet)

    + Fixed players not being able to break blocks
    + Fixed the bee pet sending a test message which I forgot to remove.
  9. New Pets & Minor Fixes.

    New Pets
    + Added the Fish Pet (Rarity: Common)
    + Added the Villager Pet (Rarity: Rare)
    + Added the Knight Pet (Rarity: Legendary)
    + Fixed the Lion Pet doing damage to nearby armorstands
    + Baby Chick and Horned Beetle can no longer be placed (Were not intended to be placed)
    + Fixed Bee particle and sound not working with newest version of spigot.
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  10. 1.14.4 Support

    NOTE: You will need to delete your config files and recreate them. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    + Added 1.14.4 Support
    + Bee plays different particles and sounds depending on what version the server is being run on.
    + Changed all referals to SimpleInventoryPets to SimplePets (due to changing the name of the plugin right before release).
    + Added the tokens command to the /pets command.

    - Removed a test message appearing when players purchase a random pet.