SimplePlugin 2.0

A library to simplify the creation of new Bukkit plugins

  1. Chezburgr

    The Bukkit SimplePlugin Library

    The SimplePlugin library is not a plugin itself, but instead is a tool to help other devs make plugins much easier.

    I started this project because I was trying to maintain a few different small Bukkit plugins, and noticed that they used some very similar code. I moved all of the reusable code into it's own project, and that project became the Bukkit SimplePlugin Library. The Library handles almost everything needed for adding command-line functionality to a Bukkit plugin.

    I'm aware that something like this has probably been done before, and maybe even has been done better than this, but I hope this might be useful to someone.

    The primary purpose of this plugin is to take out the complexity of adding new commands to plugins. If you setup your plugin to use this library, you can configure things such as min/max arguments, the limitations on sending, and the limitations on what kinds of players can be targeted. This library will do all the checking for you, and leave you to worry about the more important things.

    If this sounds interesting to you, check out a more detailed explanation of the project on my GitHub page. The entire plugin is open source, and there's some documentation on that page about how to get started with it.

    A plugin I made to show off how this library works is called PlayerWarn, and the source code is available on GitHub. Or, if you like, you can just download the jar. All it does is allows players to "/warn" other players, but the entire plugin fits inside 20 lines of code, and is essentially crash-proof (by the user).

    Happy crafting!