SimplePVP SimplePVP 3.1

Simple PVP Plugin, Everything done for you, just load plugin and done!

  1. ula492
    This is the simplest PVP plugin. It works best while using bungeecord or PerworldPlugins. This plugin works with Kits inside a GUI already done for you. The only thing for you to do is to drag the plugin and you are done. There is no advertisement inside this plugin so if you like the plugin donate below.

    You Will need BountifulAPI

    • Permissions:
      • {kitnamehere}.simplepvp
    Features to add:
    • Scoreboard(DONE!)
    • BossBar
    • Rewards perkill
    • Config for more plugin freedom
    • Titles,ActionBars,Tab(DONE!)
    Want more features? Comment below Ill make sure to add them!

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Recent Reviews

  1. littlemarc2011
    Version: SimplePVP 3.1
    Forced to download BountifulAPI... would be 5 stars if implemented in the plugin itself... hopefully this can happen.
  2. Gomze
    Version: SimplePVP 3.1
    Cool. Sry for last review. Please add Elo: )
    1. ula492
  3. Gomze
    Version: 1.0
    No Scoreboard! No Config (Order)! No BossBar! Only the Kits are working!
    1. ula492
      Author's Response
      Actually if u read right it will be added in later versions