SimplePvPSoup 5.0

Simple instant soup plugin.

  1. _Wiildanimal_
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    This plugin was made when I just started developing. The standard of this code is not very good, I am planning on recoding it at some point.

    Hello there PvPers! Thanks for checking out SimplePvPSoup! I am the author, Arraying, or _Wiildanimal_ as my spigot name would suggest. First off, what is SimplePVPSoup (or SPS for short)? Well, it's an instant-soup plugin which allows players to instantly regenerate ANY amount of hearts upon right clicking the soup.

    - Regenerates 3.5 hearts upon right-clicking a soup. This can be changed in the config.

    - You cannot soup with full health. Customisable message for that in the config.

    - You cannot eat soup unless soup is disabled in the config.

    - Easy to install: works perfectly out of the box. No need to configure it.

    - High customization: for those who want to tweak it they can change nearly everything in the config.

    - Works well with other KitPvP plugins.

    - Works with ANY amount of hearts; smart algorithm used to calculate health regeneration.

    - Free to use.

    /sps (sps.cmd) - Shows the author (me) and the version. If the player doesn't have permission it sends the no-permission message which can be tweaked in the config.
    - No other commands are planned for as of now. Suggestions are welcome.

    - Added configuration file to tweak features.
    - SPS now works with any amount of hearts.
    - You now cannot eat soup.

    Features in planned updates:
    - Currently none.

    1) Drag the .jar in your plugins folder.
    2) Restart the server.
    3) Tweak the plugin although it works out of the box.

    Configuration help:
    soup-enabled: Set this to false if you want to disable the plugin. You will be able to eat soup normally.

    health-on-soup: How much health a soup will regenerate, by default this is 7 (3.5 hearts). IMPORTANT: make sure you use HEALTH not HEARTS.

    full-health-soup-message: What it will say when you attempt to soup with full health. Colorcodes are supported; use {player} for the player's name.

    no-permission-message: If a user does /sps without the permission sps.cmd they will receive this message. Great for keeping the plugin a secret! Color codes are supported.

    Servers that use SPS:
    - mc.tanglednetwork

    Servers that used to use it/unknown if they still use it:

    Please leave feedback, and submit suggestions in the discussion!

Recent Updates

  1. Config update!
  2. Bugfix update.

Recent Reviews

  1. EvalonPvP
    Version: 5.0
    The plugin is fast and efficient. I am using this on my KitPvP server, and everything works perfectly! I recommend this plugin for all the KitPvP servers out there!
    1. _Wiildanimal_
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review, yet again! :D
  2. PR0JaMeS
    Version: 3.5
    Very good plugin, not bad for quite a new developer, Found good use for it in one of my setup servers, quick and easy resource
    1. _Wiildanimal_
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! :D