SimpleRangUp 1.0.1

Simply create an rankup

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    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.13
    • 1.14
    • 1.15
    • 1.16
    • 1.17
    Languages Supported:

    This guy's English is very poor, the following are from machine translation. I hope you can understand it : )


    The upgrade is simple and easy to configure. See the figure below (an upgrade)
    In case someone can't understand it, I'll explain it again
    For example, default is the internal name of the upgrade item
    The following are
    • name - display name
    • describe - description
    • need - upgrade requirements
    • server - Instructions executed by players as server console after upgrading
    • player - The command that the player commands in his own capacity after upgrading
    Any number of upgrade items can be set in ranks. YML, but make sure there are no duplicate internal names
    The first upgrade item is set to the default level, regardless of the name

    • Please do not change the internal name of the configuration file. If you need to change it, please
    • Shut down the server
    • Back up the configuration file ranks.yml and the storage file store.yml
    • Modify both at the same time and make sure there is no error before starting the server

    • %rank_name% : current rank display name
    • %rank_next_name% : next rank display name
    • %rank_describe% : current rank description
    • %rank_next_describe% : next rank description
    • %rank_need% : current rank upgrade requirements
    • %rank_next_need% : next rank upgrade requirements
    • %rank_top*_name% name of the player in rank * (1-10)
    • %rank_top*_rank_name% rank name of the player in rank * (1-10)
    ——————————perm & cmd———————————

    ——————————Known bugs———————————
    No known bugs