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SimpleServerControl | Control your server! 1.0

You don't like commands? Then this plugin is perfect for you! No commands! GUI for the win!

  1. Hendrik2708
    The simple way to control your server!

    Hey everyone, this plugin is for all the people who don't like to type in commands and for the people who loves a GUI! This plugin comes with a simple startup menu, from there you can simply navigate to the other windows!

    - you only have to know one command to use this plugin
    - simply and fast user interface
    - performant - only updates data when used

    - ssc || open the gui, only runnable from the console

    - none :D

    - the server have to run on a pc with a desktop, no root servers sry;)




    I hope you out there enjoy my plugin and if you find some errors, please send me a message i'll fix them soon ;D

    (Source code will be available on GitHub soon!)