SimpleSite 1.0

You can finally stop people asking you about the site with this simple, featherweight plugin!

  1. DarkbyteAT
    This simple plugin will spare server owners a lot of trouble. It has two commands: /website and /simplesitereload. /website simply sends a message that is pre-defined in the configuration to the player that does the command. Secondly, /simplesitereload reloads the configuration.

    simplesite.use: Allows the player to use /website.
    simplesite.reload: Allows the player to use /simplesitereload.

    Code (Text):
    #Version 1

    #The prefix to all messages
    prefix: '&8[&3SimpleSite&8] &6'
    #Message that's sent to the user when they do /website
    linkMessage: 'The website is'