SimpleSoup 1.01

Perfect for KitPVP servers!

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    - GUI menu to get soups.
    - Health refill when you click a soup.
    - Configurable messages.
    - A reload command.
    - Easy to use.
    /ss help - Display help page.
    - /ss reload - Reload the plugin.
    simplesoup.* - Access to all permissions.
    - - Access to help page.
    - simplesoup.reload - Ability to reload the plugin.
    - simplesoup.use - Ability to eat the soup and gain health.
    How to install & use:
    1.- Download the plugin and put SimpleSoup.jar in your /plugins/ folder.
    2.- Reload/Start your server
    3.- Put this on a sign: [Soup]
    4.- Right click on sign, and a GUI appears.
    # SimpleSoup Configuration
    # reloadMessage: The message players see when they reload the plugin
    # noPermMessage: The message players see when they don't have permission to do something
    # signHeader: The header of a soup sign
    # inventoryTitle: The title of a soup inventory
    # inventoryRows: The amount of rows in a soup inventory. Maximum number of rows are 6.
    # soupMaterial: The material of mushroom soups. List of materials:

    reloadMessage: '&eSimpleSoup has been reloaded!'
    noPermMessage: '&4You do not have access to that command.'
    signHeader: '[Soup]'
    inventoryTitle: '&4SimpleSoup'
    inventoryRows: 3
    soupMaterial: MUSHROOM_SOUP
    Support and Suggestions:
    Please move to Discussion.

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