SimpleStaffChat 1.2.4

Easy-to-use cross-network staff chat

  1. More languages, SQL fixes, misc. improvements

    * Added some common languages courtesy of Google Translate
    * Added lang option to config
    * bStats update
    * MySQL/MariaDB legacy version check & support
    * Fixed bad table creation in MySQL
    * Fixed issue with missing MySQL/SQLite drivers
  2. Updates, fixes, new config option for levels

    * Added option to skip level support
    * Language fixes
    * Player lookup fixes
    * Dep updates
    * Minor logging fixes
    * Various bug fixes
  3. Minor updates, fixes

    * Fixed log4j warning on startup
    * Minor dependency updates
  4. Version bump for update checking

    Required version bump for update checking. When Spigot lets you get a resource ID without making the resource public, this won't be needed. Until then, enjoy a free version bump!