SimpleStaffList 1.0

Show all staff with one command!

  1. _Wiildanimal_
    Tested Minecraft Versions:
    • 1.8
    This plugin was made when I just started developing. The standard of this code is not very good.
    Have you ever wanted players to check staff with one command? Well, I present to you: SimpleStaffList! This command is very simple yet very effective!
    Enjoy, -Arraying AKA _Wiildanimal_

    - Very easy to install.
    - Works out of the box.
    - Hacker-friendly - Staff have the option to hide from the list!
    - Customizable
    - Works with DisplayNames, so prefixes/suffixes AKA rank names will be shown!
    Looks like this:


    Command - Permission - Function
    /staff - none - Shows the staff list.
    /staff toggle - sll.toggle - Hides yourself/shows yourself from the stafflist.
    In order for the plugin to recognize you as staff you need the permission sll.staff

    Code (Text):
    prefix: '&6&l[&e&lStaff&6&l] &e' ##This is the prefix. Make sure you add a space. The last color code used will be the color of the messages.
    header: '&8&m----------&6&l[&e&lStaff&6&l]&8&m----------' ##Stafflist header at the top of the list
    footer: '&8&m--------------------------' ##Stafflist footer at the bottom of the list
    Please leave feedback and suggestions!
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Recent Reviews

  1. EvalonPvP
    Version: 1.0
    I really like this plugin! I have been looking for ages for a plugin like this, which meets my requirements. I really recommend this plugin if you want an awesome staff list, easy and free!
    1. _Wiildanimal_
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! :D